Saturday, January 28, 2012

GINGER~~oh yes!!

In my “KNOW”ledge box I wrapped my fingers around a lil’ bottle that looks like the picture below.

Jacks bday~~2 yrs 029

I glanced at the bottle with little attention being paid to the description of this salt.  So I thought hmmm~~gonna use that on my roasted veggies and rice.  I love different salts and sprinkle them all over the skin of a sweet potato so that it makes a salt crust.  Oh my—so…so…so good.  Give it a try and it will change your relationship with sweet potatoes.  Ok~~back to the salt.  I took the little bottle and flipped the top open and just went to town shake-shake—shaking the little granules all over the roasted brussel sprouts, steamed carrots and a little bit of baked brown rice.  Yeah—you read that correctly!! The rice was baked.  I am telling you this is a not fail way of fixing brown rice!! More on this recipe to come but I have gotta’ get back to this fusion salt.  I took the first bite of my concoction and the next thing I knew I had an explosion of ginger dancing on my taste buds?? I jumped up from the recliner and started the happy-ginger-dance and took a look-see at the little bottle of salt.  The word fusion should have been the 1st clue that this is just not any ordinary salt.  No sir-e-bob…it is infused with ginger.  What-uh you know?? Ginger is my all time favorite spice.  I just about put ginger in or on my recipes/food if I can get away with it.  So~~she did it again.  This mystery friend of mine knew me well enough to know that I would be in stinkin’ love with this fusion salt. 

Jacks bday~~2 yrs 028

The veggies you see in the picture above are very very tasty because I added the fusion salt.  As I am shaking the ginger infused salt all over my dinner I have a GREAT big smile on my face because I know that she listens to me. She knows me!!  She cares that I love ginger and found it in something that I would not expect it to be in.  She knew that I wouldn’t expect it and then “BAMB” I was surprised.  I just love this salt and I really love my dear friend of mine. Yes I do!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“KNOW”ledge box~~

I received an email from my dearest friend in the whole wide world.  This lil’ email informed me that I would be receiving a package of goodies that she had collected during her travels of items that reminded her of me.  Let me tell you…I was so stinkin’ excited about this gift.  I didn’t even lie and tell her she should not have gotten me anything.  I told her the truth of the matter~~I am so glad that she had spent her time and money on me.  Really I was and I just won’t lie about it.  Well let me tell you that when the package was delivered to my porch I was like a little kid at Christmas.  I was so excited and giddy with anticipation that I stood there for a few short seconds to enjoy this feeling.  Then I ripped into the box—and I realized at that moment this person knew me and knew me well.  First off, I picked up a brown paper sack that had once held some of these precious gifts.  This sack has those nice jute handles that are so nice to carry items in.  How could she have know that I loved the sacks that hold all of my goodies until I get them home.  I have a bunch of them in my closet!! The ones with handles are my favorite and I cant bring myself to throw them away.  I think that this part of the gift was UUUHHH-mazing.  The other items that were contained in this box of “know”ledge will be discussed in separate blog entries that are written especially about them.  The first item that I decided to write about is all about food.  How did you all ever guess it would be about food—I told you all this person knew me.  Ina Garten (AKA) Barefoot Contessa is one of my favorite celebrity cooks that I watch on the Cooking Cannel and Food Network.   So when I pulled out a box that had a picture of this famous person on it and also contained white cake with coconut you can bet I had a smile on my face.  Once again this person gets me.  My favorite flavor of cake is white and I am into cup-cakes like nothing else.  It is such a nice neato way of consuming cake. cupcakes--and warm jan day 001cupcakes--and warm jan day 006cupcakes--and warm jan day 008

This is actually the final product with the beautiful red cupcake liners that were included in the “know”ledge box.  Many thanks are being sent your way.  Thank you so…so much!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The lengths that papa will go~~


Jack was playing with play-dough under the dining room table the other day.  He felt safe and secure under there but he felt even more secure with papa David under there with him.  Papa even said his neck was hurting him at one point and Jack was lickudee-split back with a pillow for papa and one for him. Now please keep in mind that I was holding baby David while using my iPhone to take these pictures. So they are not the best quality!!

iphone pics jan 2012 028iphone pics jan 2012 030iphone pics jan 2012 032iphone pics jan 2012 034iphone pics jan 2012 035iphone pics jan 2012 038iphone pics jan 2012 039iphone pics jan 2012 040iphone pics jan 2012 046iphone pics jan 2012 047iphone pics jan 2012 050iphone pics jan 2012 051

KaDee even got in on the action by plopping her butt on one of the pillows—that Jack didn’t not find one bit amusing.  He slowly nuuughed her off with his bel-bow(elbow).  He and KaDee have a love hate relationship.  See…Jack was the first thing that has been able to come between KaDee and I and she simply will have none of it.  However—she would never bite him.  Now that baby David is here she just goes over and takes a dog-nap while I rock the baby and talk to him and coo—and ooo-and goo!! She knows that I will soon finish up with this small distraction and she will once again be my number one.  

iphone pics jan 2012 042

Look at this cute little guy~~he is not a nerd in the least but today you would never know it!!

iphone pics jan 2012 057

iphone pics jan 2012 058

However he is the cutest darn nerd you’ll find round these here parts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thanks to my baby sis(Alison) I have found the best ding-dang-delicious salt of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL time!!! I am not kidding you when I tell you I eat this stuff every single day of my life.  I never ever find myself reaching for the regular ol’ salt???

salt salt of all time 001

It is called REALSALT by REDMOND and it states that it is Ancient ALL NATURAL SEA SALT.  I first bought the little bottle that you see here in the picture at the Whole Foods in Columbus.  When I discovered that I was in love with this salt I then went back for the big 26 ouncer with the handee-dandee pour spout. 


salt salt of all time 005

See here is a nice close up shot of the pour spout which makes it very nice to fill up the bottle or your little salt shakers.  I don’t even bother with them because I would go thru it tooooo quickly…I just refill the 9oz bottle.  The info on the bag is like a little mini-geography lesson but I will spare you all the details.  I will tell you that on the front of the bag it states that the salt is from unrefined sea salt that has been left behind by an ancient sea bed.  This salt contains 50 plus trace minerals including iodine which your body has to have.  I am not sure about all that but I sure do love it and to think about it in those terms it is as if your eating a lil’ part of history in every bite.  LOL!!!  So go ahead and get you a bottle or bag or both because your will never look back to your old salt again.

MY time~~

I have been super-duper busy with this lil’ guy.

madelyn and baby jack and baby david 043

This would be David Costas Biggs~~and the center of my attention for the last several weeks now!!

madelyn and baby jack and baby david 038

Oh and this guy—which I never…ever… am not doing something for.  He is the way BIGGEST baby in my life as of the past 18 years or so!!! I love this lil’ guy…well not so little but will always be my baby!!!  Sorry I have not written much and will try to get back on track!! Thanks—my dearest friend for reminding me of my blog…you know who you ARE!!!