Sunday, November 11, 2012


If you would have told me that Matthew got a BASKET rack I would have been confused?? Say what…huh…he doesn’t like baskets?? I am sorta’ confused?? LOL~~well this is his basket rack and when you see it you will realize how wrong I was!!

deer basket rack 010

He caught a 9 point basket rack right here on the property.  Matthew explained that the rack grows up and in and will eventually weave into one another~~ So if your like me and know about 1 fact concerning deer or hunting or their rack then you will consider yourself schooled on your 1st rack fact!! LOL~~~

I will tell you that the biggest baby here on the farm was not one bit impressed with the basket rack because she had to hear the gun shot right up by her brand-spanking-new stall!!

deer basket rack 020

There she is and you can tell that she has that head thrown back with disgust and her ears are scanning the area to make sure she is safe!! So SanDee is hoping not to hear the thunder of the gun anytime soon. She really is the biggest baby here…and I don’t mean in size I mean she really is a baby!!!