Sunday, November 11, 2012


If you would have told me that Matthew got a BASKET rack I would have been confused?? Say what…huh…he doesn’t like baskets?? I am sorta’ confused?? LOL~~well this is his basket rack and when you see it you will realize how wrong I was!!

deer basket rack 010

He caught a 9 point basket rack right here on the property.  Matthew explained that the rack grows up and in and will eventually weave into one another~~ So if your like me and know about 1 fact concerning deer or hunting or their rack then you will consider yourself schooled on your 1st rack fact!! LOL~~~

I will tell you that the biggest baby here on the farm was not one bit impressed with the basket rack because she had to hear the gun shot right up by her brand-spanking-new stall!!

deer basket rack 020

There she is and you can tell that she has that head thrown back with disgust and her ears are scanning the area to make sure she is safe!! So SanDee is hoping not to hear the thunder of the gun anytime soon. She really is the biggest baby here…and I don’t mean in size I mean she really is a baby!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden 2012~~slow start

Our garden is getting a slow start because most of the men were working @ my bros new home.  They have been doing a kitchen remodel so you all can have sympathy on our veggies.  I did get a chance to snap a few pics so I am going to share with you.

garden 2012 006garden 2012 007garden 2012 008garden 2012 010garden 2012 011garden 2012 012garden 2012 013garden 2012 014garden 2012 015garden 2012 016garden 2012 017

Updates to come~~thanks for reading!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ok the last post was a little depressing and sad and I just cant have my 2 readers end on a sad face!!! Soooo—here is a pic that will put a smile on your face.

April 16th 2012 David Costas in the GRASS~~ 013April 16th 2012 David Costas in the GRASS~~ 014

misc ipone pics spring 2012 189misc ipone pics spring 2012 190misc ipone pics spring 2012 191misc ipone pics spring 2012 192

Have a great and happy day!!!

DEATH~~2 of a kind~~

Well~~my “GRAN”mother passed away a year ago coming on July the 4th of this year.  I have missed her greatly and I guess so did her favorite tree!! I can remember when papa planted this tree for her and now it has gone on!! So it may be a death of 2 kinds but I view it in the same way.  I will miss that good ol’ tree yet I find it fitting that it has gone on!! Now I look forward to watching my brother and his family replace it with life and watch it grow as I am doing his children.  LIFE—man I am really getting to see it come full circle.  I think that is a sign that I really am in fact getting old…doesn’t matter how much hair dye or make-up I can pile one!!! LOL!!

fun iphone pics 083fun iphone pics 084fun iphone pics 081fun iphone pics 082fun iphone pics 080

If you look really hard thru the willow limbs you can see my lil’ man!! Talk about full circle!! Is that his dad I see standing there??

Sunday, May 20, 2012

EASTER family~~

Here is a little photo of our family during our EASTER celebration!!

easter 2012-2 053 

Thanks for coming~~

Monday, March 26, 2012

What are these things for??

I can NOT believe had David Costas is growing.  He is doing so many things on his own and changing by the day.

baby pics iphone march 012baby pics iphone march 014baby pics iphone march 015baby pics iphone march 017baby pics iphone march 021baby pics iphone march 026


Just look at that lil’ one grabbing those toes.  He is even trying to talk to me about it in the 3rd pic.  I am sure he is asking me what he should do with these things?? I mean if nothing else they come in handy when he needs something to chew on.  These next 2 picture are for you~~I am making a conscious effort to make sure that I am also in front of the lens!!

baby pics iphone march 009baby pics iphone march 010

Please ignore the hair and well pretty much everything about me~I was not looking to be a super-model.  LOL!!

The “ROOTS” of the Matter~~

When mom and I started out on our journey with lil’ man Jack I never thought that I was gonna’ get a lesson on trees roots.  None-the-less showing me every single one from here to the barn and back.  Man this kid is one smart cookie.  I will also tell ya’ that he is gonna’ be an outdoor kinda’ boy.

baby pics iphone march 041baby pics iphone march 042baby pics iphone march 043baby pics iphone march 044

In all of the above pictures he is telling me all about the roots and how the root system works for the trees.  So the “ROOTS” of the matter here in this short story is simple.  Jack loves learning~~isn’t that a wonderful thing.  Hope that it will last him a life-time!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

“GIFT” or snow??

OK—this is how the story start on this blog post.  On March 1, 2012 I was telling everyone in the family that it always snows on my b-day which happens to be March 5th.  Well—my lovely smart-arss of a brother asked me if that was a way of drawing attention to my day so that I would get “GIFTS”!  I just calmly and smirkingly stated that I simply was not I was stating a fact!! I went on to tell him that there has only been one year that I can remember in my short 41 years of existence that there has not been snow on the ground or falling from the sky.  How did you like that few years of existence statement!!  LOL!!  Yeah I figured you caught it!!  Well…since it has been such a warm winter, I mean who am I kidding, NO winter at all so it was kinda’ hard to believe that we would be waking March the 5th to snow.  So I just waited and snapped pictures like a mad woman that morning.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Mind you I am I guurl that takes a challenge to heart especially when it comes to one with my bro!!  I started taking pictures around 6:35 am.  

misc pics and 42nd bday 134misc pics and 42nd bday 135misc pics and 42nd bday 136

The above picture may appear a little blue to you and it is but not for lack of skills from the photographer.  The reason for the blue cast is because the sun was just starting to come up and that was the light hitting the snow.  You can see the sun just starting to peak thru in the 3rd picture.

misc pics and 42nd bday 137misc pics and 42nd bday 138misc pics and 42nd bday 139misc pics and 42nd bday 140misc pics and 42nd bday 141misc pics and 42nd bday 142

Here are a few more pictures and 2 of my 3 babies~~SanDee the horse and LuCee the Lab mix.  Soooo~~~~~here you go John Taylor Biggs!!!  Never doubt your oldest sister because I am always right.


Matthew has many a jobs during the summer and school year.  However~~NONE have been the “REAL DEAL”.  Well folks…this one is and I am so happy for him and proud and excited and giddy annnnnd~~well you see my point here.  I am going to list some pictures here of the new job and all that is entailed in it!! lol!!

going to work and babies taking bath 003

OK…the first picture here is of his first day of work.  You think his face is dirty you cant even imagine how his clothes look!!!! BOOOING!!!!

misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 010

Here he is before his first day of work.  I know this because he has to have the safety hat before he could go to work.  So—yeah these pictures are outta order here a little bit.  I just don’t run my organization that way so hope you all can handle that and accept me for how I am!!

misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 093

This is his first “REAL BIG-TIME” check and he is as happy as a pig in mud.  I mean that literally!! The quality is a little poor but some of the pictures are taken with co-workers phones.  I have stopped worrying about what the pictures look like and posting them anyway.  I have had very very long talks with myself to get to this point in my life but I feel it is working.

misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 094

Here is another one of those phone pics and this is him on top of I really don’t know what it is and I am not gonna try to fool you here.  Now don’t think for a second I couldn’t fool you but I am just not gonna try~~I am tooo tired.

misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 098misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 099misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 100misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 101misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 102

These are some pictures of the plant and all I can tell you is it is a power plant and the 4th picture on the right the 2nd one is a turbine.  Actually if you watch closely a commercial (the first airing of it was during the super-bowl) is on TV and it shows you what he does.

misc iphone pics jan and 1st part of feb 064

These are the 2 little boys that are keeping me busy while my real baby is out working and having the TIME OF HIS LIFE!!!!!!  I have a bunch more pictures and you all probably know that because I am a picture taking fanatic~~so I will be posting another blog or 2 or 3 or 28 here in the near future!!