Friday, February 25, 2011

How Can Ya’ Tell??

Teen breakfast I ask ya’? What was your first clue??

teenager-cin.toast-pepsi 006

Would it have been~~~

    • elbow on table
    • syrup drenched sugar-cinnamon French toast
    • Pepsi can (drink of breakfast champs)

I am thinking that all of those things would lead ya’ to think that this is a teen breakfast or someone who must works their buns off to be able to eat that much sugar~~or they would be 400 lbs.  Well…actually~~both are true.  This is Matthew’s breakfast and he does in deed work his “hot little tooosh” off.  I don’t know anyone his age that works as he does!!! 

teenager-cin.toast-pepsi 011

OOOOOooo~~the shirt being off and eating this sugar loaded breakfast would also be a BIG—HUGH indicator that this is a teen.  They are the only people on the earth that would have that much confidence—well unless you’re a gym freeeeek!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

“PLUM” Loco I’m Tellin’ Ya’~~

My dad is one of the most level headed guys I know!!! Well…except my mom and me and Rob—I feel as if I need to let ya’ know that right up front.  However, this week I thought he had gone “PLUM” looney tooney!!!! He asked my mom to make him a “PLUM” cake??? I was like~~what the heck??? I know that my mom can make just about anything taste good~~who am I kidding~~she can make anything taste good!!! But “PLUMS”~PLUMS~ you would have to be “PLUM” nuts not to ask for one of her famous apple pies or a mocha hot-fudge cake. If you ever catch me asking for fruit versus chocolate you will not that I have “PLUM” lost my mind. So…run quick and call the Dr.

PRUNE CAKE 002Well—I was “PLUM” wrong folks.  I know that is hard to believe but I am not perfect~~as some of you may have thought.  I know…I know it’s “PLUM” ludicrous.

PRUNE CAKE 003I have just got to inform you that when I took my first bite of this moist~~juicy~~dense and buttery-rich cake it “PLUM” knocked me on my cu-tookus!!!  This cake has a bite to it but one that has such a sweetness that follows your taste buds are doing summersaults. 

PRUNE CAKE 004Just look at that burnt-amber red color that develops when the hot simple-syrup is poured over the fresh plump “PLUMS”. Gonna’ give a big thanks to dad for the out-of-the-ordinary choice of dessert~~but the verdict is still out on whether have gone and “PLUM” lost your mind!!?? Just kidding~~or am I?? You just “PLUM” don’t know when it comes to me!!! Have I “PLUM” driven you outta’ your mind???    

Weekend “FUN”


bread and my honey!!! 003


Sorry folks~~just had to post this pic. of Rob and I in the family-room last weekend.  If you look really closely at Rob you can tell he is not the happiest person in the world!!!  However~~my saying is…I could die tomorrow and this would be the last pic you would have of us together…that really never seems to matter a great deal to him~~but it gets the job done!!! O..O..O—the reason it is in sepia tones~~well…I just grabbed the phone and snapped the picture so it is not of the greatest quality.  Like I always say~~I could die tomorrow and who cares the quality but better yet the memory. Just had to show ya!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

HOLES are good babeeee~~

I am still talking—thinking—dreaming but unfortunately not eating the rustic bread that I posted about yesterday!!!!  I really never got to show you the inside of this rich-golden nugget!!!!  Here are a few pics of this big coin of gluten.

bread 2 001

The crust that is enveloping this yeastee dough full of HOLES is not really all that thick but a little KRISPEE and a little CHEWEE!!  But oooo babeee~~~the inside is nice and soft and well…full of HOLES.

bread 2 003

This is a good pic of the crust~~~~MMMM!!!!! LOVIN’ it!!!!!!                

Have I mention today—that I love the bread I made yesterday????

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas gift~~~

I put my Christmas gift to good use~~today!!!

bready 010

This heavy hunk of cast iron made me a FANTASTIC loaf of bread!!! Oh—I am telling you~~~this bread is a big ball of fantasy for the taste buds!!!

bready 006

Look at it…just look at it!!! This is a 23 plus hour process but well worth the effort!!!  Not hard to do just make the time and your life will be just a weeeee bit happier!!!! I am thinking~~strawberry jam(homemade from earlier post) and a little bit of melted butter smeared all over a crispy piece of this golden nugget for dessert!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

NOTHING makes my heart sing!!


rob and matthew superbowl sunday 002

I am telling you as a mother of a boy…only child…and a mom who loves both of her men~~NOTHING—I mean NOTHING babeee~~makes me happier than this!!!! My boys having fun with each other!!! For any of you that have gone thru the middle school stage of having a child you know that your not so much on their liked list.  Prolly not on their FB (Facebook) page!!! Well—it all comes back around and now we are in the pretty fun happy stage of our relationship again!!!! Well~~I know that if you’re a reader of my blog your NO dumb-bunny so you know that it comes and goes!!! Soooooo…ya’ better enjoy it while and when ya’ get it!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

BREAD…BREad and more BRead!!

I found this wonderful easy bread recipe on one of my sites that I follow.  This bread was a “BIG” hit!!! I can’t tell ya’ how easy!!! I have never felt comfortable with my bread making skills but this is just like making a cake!!!!

beautiful winter 2010 006

This bread was nice and soft yet would hold up to a little butter and homemade strawberry jam!!!

beautiful winter 2010 008

Do ya’ think that I am pulling you leg about the strawberry jam!!!

misc cooking pics 059

Well~~think again sis-tuur!!!  This here strawberry jam was created here in this kitchen by my mom and niece!!!

bread and jam 006

The 2 of these together make for a bite of bliss~~and then the next bite gets a little better!! How can a girl stop herself!!?? It is hard just let me tell ya!!!!

bread and jam 001

Now you may find yourself asking??? Did that bread shrink!!?? Well…the answer is NO~~~those were made in my little baby mini loaves!!! When ya’ eat from that loaf of bread those calories are so little—baby—teenee—tiny that they don’t count!!! Or…at least that is what I have been telling myself!!!

This is the link to make this wonderful beautiful bread!!