Friday, February 25, 2011

How Can Ya’ Tell??

Teen breakfast I ask ya’? What was your first clue??

teenager-cin.toast-pepsi 006

Would it have been~~~

    • elbow on table
    • syrup drenched sugar-cinnamon French toast
    • Pepsi can (drink of breakfast champs)

I am thinking that all of those things would lead ya’ to think that this is a teen breakfast or someone who must works their buns off to be able to eat that much sugar~~or they would be 400 lbs.  Well…actually~~both are true.  This is Matthew’s breakfast and he does in deed work his “hot little tooosh” off.  I don’t know anyone his age that works as he does!!! 

teenager-cin.toast-pepsi 011

OOOOOooo~~the shirt being off and eating this sugar loaded breakfast would also be a BIG—HUGH indicator that this is a teen.  They are the only people on the earth that would have that much confidence—well unless you’re a gym freeeeek!!!

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