Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rabbit dinner???

Matthew and Dad were rabbits in the garden today~~~
and my family gets to reap the rewards!!!!

Oooooooooh~~~my babe this is like buddddah in the mouth!!
There is not much I can say that will make this picture
any better than it already is!!!!
All of the good stuff and none of the bad!!!!
Thanks DAD for the lettuce and the gardening
lessons you have blessed my son with!!!!
Gifts to the family that monetary items just
can't touch!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This I LOVE~~~~~

This is totally off the radar screen from the lights~~camera~~action
entry that I have been writing about.
However~~~I just can't help but write about this!!

This I love...
my son with my brothers son...

watching Matthew use his big tough hands
touch Jack's tiny gentle ones
moves my heart to NO end...

to see Matthew wrap his strength around the weakness of a
small baby wraps love around my heart...

to watch my 17 year old son touch the belly of his
baby cousin and talk to him with his
deep voice touches my soul...

watching Matthew cradle baby Jack in his
big strong arms and play with him
makes my heart sing with pride!!!

My son who is the first person to tell you that he

Can I say it one more time~~this I love...
Matthew John Riffe

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lights~~CAmera~~ACTion!!!! Now I Am Blinded by The Lights!!!!

Talkin' bout prom~~~here folks!!!!
You would have thought that we
were in HOLLYWOOD!!!!
I have never seen so many
cameras flashing in my

PREPARATIONS for this BIG show~~~
The perfect mirror shine on the toe~~~

color coordination is the key--
just the right shade!!!

black shirt~~yeah--this
is the go to color for
glamour events!!

Typical black suit jacket~~with the satin

now---you have all of the makings
of an razzle dazzle evening!!!
ONE more IMPORTANT thing!!!!

the MAN!!!!!!!
forhevensakestabetzeee' he is what made
it all come together!! Come together~~it did indeed!!!!
I am in love with this little boy~~big boy~~ok..ok..
MAN!!!!! oh that was hard to write!!!!

KaDee has checked and approved the flowers~~
so--let the show begin!!
pics and details--oh yeah babeeeee~~to come!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Is it reeeeleeee STEALING if something is free
and the owner is never around and
MOTHER nature provides them!!
They call my name
each year!!!! 

If you could only smell these babies!!!! I meeeen
how could this be an illegal act???
Come on--help me here!!!!

For HeavenSakesTaBetzee--look at that puppy!!!
If you could only touch these little gems with your
bare hands!!!! Well~~I have the chance to
do so.  I had know other choice--I had to
sneak into--um--a certain yard and
cut these flowers so I could share them with my readers!!!
Yeah~~Yeah~~that is the answer!!! I HAD to
do it!!!! LOL!!! Like I really have any followers~!~

Geeez~~~allrighty then--here they are in a vase and that vase
is sitting in my family room!!!  So--yeah--I stole them!!!

Let me explain~~maybe you will have mercy on me!!
One more pic~~this may help you in your decision making!!!

There is this yard that is across the street from us.  My dad
used to be friends with the owner but he passed away
several years ago!!! The owners son comes over once a month and mows the
lawn and that's it!!!! These PEONIES come up every year!!! With NO help
from the son or me or anyone!!! I just feel that the owner would want
someone to enjoy the beauty that mother nature provides ME~~oops!!!!! I mean US!!!
 To smell the scent and to--to--to
make my family-room beautiful!!! 
So--whats the VERDICT???? Guilty for reasons of Martha Stewartnish?? 
Well--here is one more pic~~PLEEEZ have mercy on me!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Asparagus~~~Prozac??? goes the story!!!  Rob and I went to the BIG CITY of Columbus to watch a concert!!!
This was our first music concert and needless to say I was very excited.  However--Rob
thought it was kinda silly!!! Yeah--I did say our first~~that right!!! 
The couple that sat beside us during the concert proved
Rob to be correct!!!! That's a story for another day!!!!LOL!!!!Just let me say that ALCOHOL was involved.

Well---we went looking for the famous Jeni's ice cream.  WOW-MAN was it
earth changing.  I will definitely be on there mailing list and probably start
ordering that goats milk and cherry one!!! OH!! OH!! well you get the pic.

So---while I was people watching thru the van window I was noticing all of these beautiful
people and there nice suits and stiletto heals and I was thinking what in the world
am I doing wrong here!!! Now this is the life~~~~live in the BIG CITY walk a block for lunch
down the brick paved roads to have a nice glass of wine.  So I--got a little pissy on the
way home to little South Shore, KY.  Well, really I guess I got depressed.  OK--I said it!!!!
I was depressed!!!! I wanted to live that fancy smancheee BIG CITY life---walk a few blocks in my flats and eat at any restaurant of my choosing. 
I couldn't understand how they have what they had. 

So--the next day I came home and wanted to check out the strawberries and asparagus
patches.  So---I got on my short little pink robe and my flip-flops!! That's it!!!
I had my hand wrapped around a steaming gallon cup of coffee with cream!!!
I stooped down to find the largest amount of the most beautiful tender asparagus I had ever had my
hands on!!!!! I was headed back to the house and Rob was waiting for me on the porch.
He said, "I bet you can't go out half dressed and get what ya' got there in your hand livin' in the
BIG CITY!!!!!"  I got a great big smile on my face and I was reminded why I love
living here in little South Shore, KY!!!
I pick my asparagus each day around 11:00 and I have yet to be depressed since my return
from the BIG CITY!!!! This is the best PROZAC I have ever taken!!!!!

OH----the redbird that has a nest in the pine tree was the only creature for miles that saw
my bipee while picking the wonderful, beautiful, tender, crisp PROZAC otherwise known as
ASPARAGUS!!!!!!! That's another reason I could never live in the BIG CITY!!!!LOL!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Notice who is sitting behind me!!!
Yeah~~it is my love bunneeee!!! LOL!!!
I am in love with the little guy that I am holding but KaDee
never lets the camera forget who the first
LOVE of my life was~~KaDee was my first love bunneeeee!!!!


This pic would never have happened just a few years ago~~
**I mean**
yeah I could have made him take the pic but the smile would
never have happened!!!!

I know that this is just a normal pic to most of you~~
as well it should be!!!!
However--my HEART is singing full of happiness!!!!!
So--the title Comin' Round is exactly what Matthew
is doing.  Comin' back around to liking me again!!!!