Monday, May 17, 2010

Lights~~CAmera~~ACTion!!!! Now I Am Blinded by The Lights!!!!

Talkin' bout prom~~~here folks!!!!
You would have thought that we
were in HOLLYWOOD!!!!
I have never seen so many
cameras flashing in my

PREPARATIONS for this BIG show~~~
The perfect mirror shine on the toe~~~

color coordination is the key--
just the right shade!!!

black shirt~~yeah--this
is the go to color for
glamour events!!

Typical black suit jacket~~with the satin

now---you have all of the makings
of an razzle dazzle evening!!!
ONE more IMPORTANT thing!!!!

the MAN!!!!!!!
forhevensakestabetzeee' he is what made
it all come together!! Come together~~it did indeed!!!!
I am in love with this little boy~~big boy~~ok..ok..
MAN!!!!! oh that was hard to write!!!!

KaDee has checked and approved the flowers~~
so--let the show begin!!
pics and details--oh yeah babeeeee~~to come!!!!

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