Thursday, May 13, 2010


Is it reeeeleeee STEALING if something is free
and the owner is never around and
MOTHER nature provides them!!
They call my name
each year!!!! 

If you could only smell these babies!!!! I meeeen
how could this be an illegal act???
Come on--help me here!!!!

For HeavenSakesTaBetzee--look at that puppy!!!
If you could only touch these little gems with your
bare hands!!!! Well~~I have the chance to
do so.  I had know other choice--I had to
sneak into--um--a certain yard and
cut these flowers so I could share them with my readers!!!
Yeah~~Yeah~~that is the answer!!! I HAD to
do it!!!! LOL!!! Like I really have any followers~!~

Geeez~~~allrighty then--here they are in a vase and that vase
is sitting in my family room!!!  So--yeah--I stole them!!!

Let me explain~~maybe you will have mercy on me!!
One more pic~~this may help you in your decision making!!!

There is this yard that is across the street from us.  My dad
used to be friends with the owner but he passed away
several years ago!!! The owners son comes over once a month and mows the
lawn and that's it!!!! These PEONIES come up every year!!! With NO help
from the son or me or anyone!!! I just feel that the owner would want
someone to enjoy the beauty that mother nature provides ME~~oops!!!!! I mean US!!!
 To smell the scent and to--to--to
make my family-room beautiful!!! 
So--whats the VERDICT???? Guilty for reasons of Martha Stewartnish?? 
Well--here is one more pic~~PLEEEZ have mercy on me!!!


  1. lol, yes I think jack and katherine would want someone to enjoy those gorgeous flowers! They are amazing Peonies!!!

  2. I am LOL too! My verdict is YES! Guilty...of loving these flowers :)
    LOVE IT! And I would love to have some in my family room too!
    See ya soon!