Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey--need your help with the blog.  Or maybe just some suggestions.  The last 4 entries have been written and published thru Flickr~~even the pictures were uploaded from there!!??!! Do you like this or are the pictures to small.  Also the layout is different.  If you like it fine and if you don't please let me know.  All of my readers have my email address or you can comment below.  Thanks for all of your help and I really appreciate my readers.  Makes me feel like I am writing especially for you.

Antique to Display~~beautiful

Antique tools~~beautiful display!!

House, a set on Flickr.
I got an idea for using antique rake heads to display some of my jewelry.  So I got on ebay and order me a few. I kinda' like the idea!! Now I can see some of the items I like and an item that remind me of a special person. That special person is one of my 2 readers and also has the same piece of happiness in her jewlery collection.  Go ahead...order you an antique or something that makes your skirt fly up!! It will make you happy and your special items of love can be seen each day. Hey~~how do your display your treasures?? I am always up for some new ideas.

Fun Rob

Fun Rob by WenDee KaDee
Fun Rob, a photo by WenDee KaDee on Flickr.

Rob is sooooo totally not a guy who would dress up or play a game or anything like that!! I just think this is a cute little pic because one of the girls at his work just photo-shopped him in the picture. Otherwise~~this would never have been a picture!!! tooo funnnnnneeeee!!!!

Baby David

Baby David

Baby David, a set on Flickr.
Matthew and I had to come and see how the little guy was doing in his 2nd day of life!! Wow...let me tell ya' he has changed a great deal in just 2 days. It is amazing how babies come into the world and how they change a grow and all that jazz!!! I am just glad this one is my lil' bros and he will be the one up with him thru the night!!! ooops~~did I just type that??


Hunting 2011

hunting, a set on Flickr.
Matthew is really wanting to get a "big" buck!! I wish him all the luck...just happy that he has all the safety gear that he needs to stay safe. I also have learned some different things about hunting. For instance~~there is a spray that makes your scent go away and then another spray that will then make you smell like the acorn!!?? I think that this is some funny stuff...don't tell Matthew I said that!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A “DIRTY” end to a GREAT weekend~~

This is just a little snippet of the things that went on around here on Sunday!! Not really much and for some of you it will be boring.  Oh—that’s right I really only have one or two readers so in that case it may be exciting after all!!!  I didn’t edit these photos~~took ‘em straight off the ol’ phone.  You know—I think that I am gonna worry less about what the pics look like and just get them on here.  That is the main reason that I don’t put things on the blog because I have to edit photos.  I don’t think that when Matthew is 50 and looking over this blog(who am I kidding here me or you) he is not gonna comment on the brightness of the photo or my poor photo-shop skills.

Oct sunday fun family love 061

This end has a very good beginning—don’t ya’ think?? Well…I sure do.  Ok—rob is on the ladder to change out a few flood lights.  This was pretty early Sunday morning so KaDee and I stayed in the warm car with our blanket.  I did in fact take some pretty good pics of the situation. 

Oct sunday fun family love 057Oct sunday fun family love 058Oct sunday fun family love 059

Here are a few more pics—don’t know why the pictures are lining up like that??? I guess I also have poor blogging skills~~at least when it comes to the pictures.

Oct sunday fun family love 031Oct sunday fun family love 032

These were actually pictures from Saturday but I just had to put them in here because I rarely get any good pictures of my son.  No—Jack is not my son…one would think that he was or that I really loved Jack more than my own child!!??!! Well~~the truth is…he HATES to take the time for pictures.  Now don’t get me wrong---he is all about looking at the pictures and the albums I have completed for him.  However—I guess he thinks I can just pull those pictures from my behind or something??  Not really sure on that one but he does want to be included in the blog and albums so I got my chance here. 

Oct sunday fun family love 063

Had to feed SanDee her sweet feed and 2 ears of corn!!  Let me tell ya’ she knows if you only give her one!! You can’t short this girl…she may stomp your foot.  Trust me~~you don’t want that done to ya’ cause it really does hurt and bruises up your little tootsies.

Oct sunday fun family love 064

KaDee was there making sure that mommy didn’t get into any trouble!!

Oct sunday fun family love 066

Fed Matthew’s pups because he was out hunting.  No~~he didn’t get anything!! Darn the luck.

Oct sunday fun family love 067Oct sunday fun family love 068Oct sunday fun family love 072Oct sunday fun family love 073

Jack was there—playing with his front end loader.  He was all into this gravel pile and spending time with the family while he was playing.  I am kinda’ thinking he might just have a hard time when David gets here…he is used to the attention being 100% on him.  Uh-Oh!!

Oct sunday fun family love 074Oct sunday fun family love 075Oct sunday fun family love 080Oct sunday fun family love 081Oct sunday fun family love 083

Now—he was all about this tractor riding stuff(first time and what-u-know I was here).  He was waving by to us with excitement and turning the wheel and watching paps get the gravel up with the front end loader of the tractor.  He loves the outdoor living and being with mama and papa on the farm.

Oct sunday fun family love 105Oct sunday fun family love 107

He thinks this is coooool stuff~~he is big like papa David.  Hot dang I am turning into a little man.

Oct sunday fun family love 120Oct sunday fun family love 121

Notice that Rob and Mom are standing around in the background.  Wanna’ guess what they are talking about?? Nope our wrong~~it is POLITICS!!! Let me just tell ya’ dad is having a really hard time focusing on playing with the truck and listening to the conversation.  He loves to discuss what is going on in the world of politics.  So—you can tell he really loves that little Jackster!!

Oct sunday fun family love 109

Toooo stinkin’ cute!! Just love this little guy.  Have I ever told you that before??? I think only about 28 times.

Oct sunday fun family love 111Oct sunday fun family love 114Oct sunday fun family love 115

He is just starting to get the hang of driving the bigger 4-wheeler with the foot-peddle.  The steering thing—well we will just stay positive for today!!

Oct sunday fun family love 122

Here is our “DIRTY” end to the weekend~~it was a pretty darn good one at that. 

P.S. Look at where dad is in this photo~~POLITICS makes him tick!!! Love it~~fun—family—love!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16…driving…NO way~~

Can this be real?? I just can NOT wrap my brain around how this little baby has turned into a beautiful young woman so quickly.   She is now sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle and can take her Auntee WenDee to the store.  PINCH me and maybe I will awake from the dream~~NOT!!!  Well…here is a picture of her cake!!

zoeys 16th 002 

I was able to grab her before she started eating for just a pic or 2 or 3 and she just loved every minute.

zoeys 16th 009zoeys 16th 008zoeys 16th 007

I am very proud of you Zoey~~love ya and you will always be my lil’ Zo Bug!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


You know…those 2 words really don’t rock the world but when it’s our baby it sure does!!!!!!

bye-bye Papa Fred~~love this kid!!!

Thanks for watching~~BYE-BYE!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I know that I fell behind on posting the day-to-day happenings of the remodel.  So—here is a few pics of the final product.

warm fall oct 2011 006

This porch is grand and has a BEAUTIFUL view of the land and my “BIGGEST” baby~~SanDee.  I am sure that if you ask dad he will tell ya’ it was worth the 40 or so year wait.  However I am sure he would have liked to have had it while we had the pool.   Well—thinking of all the fighting we did as kids probably not. LOL!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yummee for the winter--

Mom worked all day yesterday to make her delicious apple butter.  I am serious this stuff is lethal…you could eat your weight in it and then not be able to walk!! I wanted to say a “GREAT BIG” thanks for the gold that I slather rather thickly upon my morning toast.   I know it is hard work and it is easy to go to the store and pick up a jar or can for $0.79 or something like that but it is just not the same.  So—thanks for all of the hard work!!! My toast and taste-buds will be thanking you this winter when it is 19 degrees outside and I am experiencing an explosion of fall flavors.  I know I am being a little over dramatic here folds….but I just have to make you understand how much this apple-butter means to our family!!!

apple-butter and fall with jack 10-11-11 001apple-butter and fall with jack 10-11-11 018

The red apple you see here in the photo would be the little cuties that produced this golden-amber-loveliness.  The yellow apples are for eating.  Mom and Dad went to the orchard and picked up an order that had been placed earlier in the year.  This orchard takes orders and your only allowed one bushel of each kind of apple because they were limited on them this year.  Not a good year for apples either~~at least that seems to be the case.  I am by no means a professional on apple-orchards  but since we had problems with our garden producing this year that is what I figure happened to the apples?? Also—the man that is running this orchard is getting tired so he is looking for a good owner.  If not this will be it for this splendid apple orchard.  Again~~ THANKS mom!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FALL day~~

warm fall oct 2011 019

Leaves are piling up~~all sorts of fun for the little Jackster!!

warm fall oct 2011 009warm fall oct 2011 013

2 of the 3 trees that we planted when we were kids running around with not a care in the world.  It is hard to believe that we all went with dad to find 3 wee-little trees that would be with us still today!!

warm fall oct 2011 008warm fall oct 2011 010warm fall oct 2011 011

The surrounding forest that I lived in during my youth~~pretty scary stuff…not really!! This was the stuff child-hood memories were made of.  Not the computer screen and controller~~killing things.  No~~instead we were discovering things and letting them live as they were or even trying to help an innocent creature survive.  I think that this type of living teaches compassion—empathy—creativity…the list goes on and on.  I don’t want to even imagine living in the concrete jungles that we know as the cities.

warm fall oct 2011 017

If you look at the picture you can see that there is a bit of grass still trying to hold on but the leaves are sure trying to take the place of the greenery and make a fall colored blanket over the land.

warm fall oct 2011 006

Here is the deck all finished up~I know I just didn’t keep up with the day to day blogging for the remodel. Sorry…really I am not a bad person but one that lacks the motivation to write every single day.

warm fall oct 2011 020

So I thought this would be a perfect day to make some veggie-lentils!! Oh yeah babeee~~does this make-up for my lack of not being a consistent blogger?? Hope so—I will put the link to the recipe here on the blog.

So—see I learned a new skill just for you all~~how to link with another page!! Just click on the link and let me know what you think.