Wednesday, May 25, 2011

he caught the "BIG ONE"

fish-hook in leg 05-24-11 001
fish-hook in leg 05-24-11 002
fish-hook in leg 05-24-11 005
Need I say anything??? Nah~~~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Few and Far Between~

The title is referring to my blog entries as of late!! Since we live in the land of the damp and dark and dreary and cold beyond belief I have not really had that much to write about!! However…since summer is fast approaching we had to start a few things in our containers~~some containers weirder than others~~ ~~however…it will all do just fine.  I will be writing a few more entries since there has actually been just a bit of the good ol’ sunshine from the blue skies to help things a long just a bit?? Listen her folks~~we have not one thing in the garden…NO lie!! This is a first for my father!! He lives and dies by the straightest garden rows for miles around.  This has us all in a state of shock and is really gonna’ hit us in the pocket book because we simply will not be much canning or freezing to be heard of.  Which means no speedee quick supper of “FANCEEEE HAMBURGER HELPER” as Zo likes to call all of my pasta dishes…then running back to the freezer/canning or canning/freezer room—I am not sure of the proper way of stating that room?? If you can help me with that issue you will be one of the 2 people that reads my blog and you will in fact know how to get a hold of me so you know the deal.  OK—OK—back to the running back to the freezer/canning room or canning/freezer room to grab a bag of frozen at the sweetest moment honey select corn to be had or a couple quarts of half runners on the shelves to throw together a half-way-decent-meal.  That is not gonna’ be happening in the Biggs/Riffe house come this loooong cold winter. I did get to plant my carrots this last weekend and I think that those “GREENER” folks are really gonna give me a “BIG” shout out for recycling.  Yes…it is a fish tank.  Yes…they usually have fish in them~~but not this fish tank honeeee!! We have had a salt water tank since Matthew started 2nd grade.  He loved the fish and we hated all the money it cost us but loved to look at the bright salt water fish.  Very calming~~and anyone that knows me and knew me back then knows full well I could use anything that would calm me down.  Well—getting back to the fish and carrot story I have to say that we lost the last of our salt water fish only a few short weeks ago.  I will admit I was a little sad when King passed on but it also helped to de-clutter the bedroom a great deal—so it was a win…win… her on my home front.
garden 2011 may 040 
Don’t you just love Rob’s Amish hat~~he says it keeps the sun off and I say its pretty darn hot…if your askin’ me?? Not that anyone was asking me but I was just sayin’. 
garden 2011 may 045
Good thing Rob works out on his total gym~~I knew that money would pay off eventually.  Those total gyms are very expensive but well worth the cost~~just look what I am getting.  Fresh organic carrots and just...right outside my door. 
garden 2011 may 048
Can you tell that Rob is a type A personality~~he is even measuring the depth of the soil!! He read on the back of the package how many inches you will need and he by dang is gonna’ make sure he getser’ as close to that measurement as humanly possible. 
garden 2011 may 047
If I were still teaching I would have had to do this in my classroom because this would have been a great jumping off point for many of my standards in science.  Oh…and yes~~Rob would have used those muscles again to carry everything to the school for me!!! He is good to me~~like that!! 
garden 2011 may 054
Here are those seeds now…just look how tiny they are?? Hard to believe that a lanky carrot will be produced from this tiny little seed.
garden 2011 may 058
If you look very…very…very close you can see the seeds in that very…very…very straight line.  Need I tell you who made that line??  I didn’t really think so!! LOL!! 
Thanks honeee~~I love you!!
So~~if the sun will come back out and stay a little while I think we might just have us a darn good recycling carrot container.  Pretty cool—huh??

Monday, May 16, 2011

“PREP” time!!

Well~~as many of you know I am now spending my time cooking and learning how food works and how it doesn’t.  Poor family…you have to be the guinea pigs!! You should also be aware of the things that Rob has been getting me and making me~~just for this special event in my life. LOL…like I am freeeeeking “ROYALTTTEEE”!!! If you didn’t already know about these little goodies go to some of my previous posts and you will see things like peg-boards and cutting boards and nik-naks and such!!! I am soooo excited to welcome my newest addition to my cooking repertoire!! 

prep table take 2 001

Look at her rich…thick…smooth butcher block top~~she's a beeeuuuut isn't she??

prep table take 2 002 

Take a look at those big rolling casters~~this gives her a good smooth ride.  Rob had those puppies special ordered~~reason being…the rubber will grip the floor and make for and easy transition from one spot to another!! You know I could be creating a 6 tier wedding cake on this sucker and I could roll it to the car without even as much as a wiggle!! HEHEHE!!!

prep table take 2 007

Safety is her number one concern~~so she has several little “L” brackets hitched up to her underbelly!!  These are for when I am using my deadly weapon—Wustof…I can chop at record speed without any concern that the butcher block top will fall and hit my lil’ toe.

I will have to say my dear~~you did one fine job.  Thanks…I know that she will be put to good use.