Monday, January 31, 2011

“OUR” baby turned 1!!!

I just can’t believe it has been a year!!! “OUR” baby has been with is for a year now!!! To GRANDmas and GRANDpas and AUNTIES and UNCLES and COUSINS it seems like only yesterday!!! However~~to mom and dad I am sure it seems like a many a long night ago!!!  Needless to say…this little guy has been such a blessing to our family.

misc iphone pics 067 

From his momma brining him to us~~~to many times of joy!!!

misc iphone pics 129

Showing a brother, son, grandson and uncle growing into a father has been such a blessing!!

misc iphone pics 195

Giving each of us a smile on our faces when we really were having a terrible day~~just look at that face and tell me that you could feel anything but happiness??

misc iphone pics 239

All this baby stuff is sloooooleeee coming back to each and every one of us~~remember~~it has been 15 years since our baby Zo was born.

misc iphone pics 383

Just look at the little messy buuuger---you just wanna’ eat him up!!

misc iphone pics 414

There it is~~~the JOHN BIGGS scowl!!! He comes but that naturally folks!!!

misc iphone pics 487

Loves technology… I mean who doesn’t in this family??

misc iphone pics 517

Baby love to puppy love!!!

misc iphone pics 447

Craziness doesn’t outgrow this family~~never has and never will!!!

jack bday 040

To showing off his balancing act by walking to mama Maggie~~thanks Jack for coming into our lives and making us an even better family!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Woke up to this~~

baby jack and snow 018


baby jack and snow 022

A heavy wet snow!!! Thing of beauty but HECK for the power lines and cable!!!! eeeekkk~~don’t want to think about that situation!!!

baby jack and snow 019

OOOP~there she is in all of her glory!!! Waiting for her sweet feed!!

baby jack and snow 025


baby jack and snow 021

See the white behind those tree limbs?? Ok..that is the lake and it is frozen~~does that tell what kinda’ winter we have had? We rarely have a frozen lake these days!!! However~~this has been a winter that has brought back old memories of being a student and missing 6 weeks of school in one snow fall!!!!  However—this winter has not brought quite that much but still~~its been coooold and snooooooeeeee!!!!!!


Ok~~my husband has informed me that this can crusher is as strong as steel!!! Pound fur pound that is!!!  (yeah—mom I know I used improper English) This wooden can crusher is totally amazing!!!! Letmetellya Rob has worked at the very least 3 months on the planning and plotting stage of this strong “SUPER”crusher or should I say “SUPER”man crusher!!! Trust me here folks~~I have used the ding-dong-dang-thing!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 011

This is the BIG-bad boy~~I know…I know~~it is totally amazing!!!  We wouldn’t expect anything less from “SUPER”rob!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 015

Here is the man now~~do ya’ think he is a little proud of himself?? Oh yeah—babeee!!! Let me tell ya~~he should be!!! I am not sure of the process to adding a video to this stinkin’ think but as soon as I get the time or well..more like when I really just plain ol’ want to get it done~~I will post it to my blog!!! Right now your gonna have to hold on to your britches and just look at the pics!!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 022

Look at the beautiful long handle!!! I am tellin’ here folks~~this could be a run way “SUPER”crusher model for any can crusher commercial!!! Don’t you agree? I know that you would!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 026

Here she is and where she will stay until an elephant tries to tear her down!!! Or so that is what my honey bunny told me!! Oh—honey boney is otherwise know as Rob!!! Now if ya’ catch me on a bad day—his name may be @#$% but that is a story for another time!!! Remember…this is a family blog here folks!!!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 023

This is the very reason Rob got busy on this project!!!!! This is just the tip of the ice-burg!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I want to say that I am sorry for my lack of writing!!! So...those 2 or 3 readers~~I hope you will forgive me!!! Updates and new stories to come!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


My niece Zo has been wanting to make these Oreo cookie ball thingeees but I just thought~~well—I just thought the title!! That’s why I gave it the name!!! However—Zo being Zo was bound and determined to get one of these cookie ball thing-a-ma-bob-eees in my mouth!!! So~~she got her chance when papa went to the store.  She asked me to call him and let her demands I mean shopping list be known!!  She wanted these~~~


Well—when he brought them puppppeeez home Zo and her mommy pulsed them up with the food processor!! With a little tutorial from me~~WenDee~~being the great wonderful aunteeee that I am!!! Now—back to the purchase of those cookies~~I can tell ya know that when dad saw the cost of these name brand chocolate cream-filled cookies that he said !@#% these @#$% cookies are expensive.  They are well worth the investment when you see what beautiful ball-ish food item they helped produce.  Is ball-ish a word?? I really don’t know nor do I care—I like the sound of the word…so I am gonna use it!!!  Now…this is a very lengthy recipe so prepare yourself for a blister on your pencil holding fingers.  The next and only other ingredient that you mix with these cookies is cream cheese~~yeah—NOW ya’ see why I chose the title!!!


misc pics 024

Well.well.well here’s the little princess in all her glory opening up the 2nd and ONLY other ingredient that gets incorporated with these cookies!!! I know that I have mentioned this before but I thought it important enough to mention yet again!!! While I am on the subject of Zo~do you notice the pink and black little box lookin’ thing?? Yeah—down close to the cream cheese.  There is a reason for that~~just let me tell ya’.  She wants to be able to multi task—now…you may be a bit confused by that statement!!! It looks like to the virgin eye of all non-texters that she would in fact be doing a single activity, task, project or nuisance but let me assure you that she is in fact doing 2 things.  She is opening the cream cheese while reading an urgent text—probably from her famous “toxic twin”.  Most of  you will be familiar with this twin if you follow me even the slightest amount on FB~~because this is usually a daily comment made by the princess herself. 

Ok~~back to the cookies…NO…ball cookies or whatever they are.

misc pics 021 

Isn’t that a nice picture of the cookie crumbs and hands?? Notice that I have not shown a picture of my sister participating in this activity because I was given strict orders—that her face better not appear on this post!! I will be the first to say that both of these beautiful ladies would make fantastic hand models.  I am sorry but I can’t resist~~notice that they both have their robes on!!?? Did ya’ pick up on that!!?? 

misc pics 028

Keeeer-plunk~~~there goes the cream cheese!!!!  I am telling all you folks now~~this is a lengthy process---you just wait!!!!

misc pics 038

Julie~~you could have a career in hand modeling.  Long, slim, slender, tiny hands…what more could you ask for in a hand!!!??? I mean really?? Not only is her face a thing of beauty but her hands are as well.  Hmmm~~I guess one of us had to get the beauty while the other got the brains??

misc pics 039

Here they are~~~look at the specks of the cream cheese and icing that once held together 2 chocolate cookie thins. 

misc pics 049

Notice a pattern here~~iPhone never a finger-tip away and not much work is being done by little princess here!!!


misc pics 041

Take note~~Matthew is not far away when he hears Oreo cookies are in the recipe!!!! LOL!!!  That’s OK~~he is dressed and on his way out the door to workout at the LC.

misc pics 050Here they all are~~ready for a little dip in some warm white luscious chocolate.  Yelp—that’s what I said~~white chocolate.  I thought I was going to be sick when I read the ingredients for this one!!!!

misc pics 054

Here is the little baby cookie ball now!!! I am here to tell ya that it is not at all what you expect!!!  I loved them—now your gonna need a cup of coffee to cut the richness of them but they are GOOD!!!

misc pics 058

Ok lookseee there~~that is Zo’s hand…she is working!!! She is being the HAND MODEL for this picture!!! Even more importantly~~she is being the taste tester!!!! Oh yeah babeeee!!!!!  I would also like to just say for the record that someone else was doing a fantastic job of multi-tasking during this activity.  However—a hand model never reveals her face.  Might I just add~~like mother…like daughter!!! LOL!!! One more thing~~Zo…thanks for nagging the ever living daylights outta’ me until these were made!!! Even papa David agreed that they were good~~and that there folks is sayin’ somthin’!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

SERIOUSLY~~this is what I GET??

If your reading this blog entry…you know that I am a feeeek about pictures~~~always have been and always will be!!!  Sorry…but that’s just the way it is with me!!! Give me any lip about it and I will tell ya’ the same thing every single time~~~I COULD DIE TOMORROW!!! Now that may make sense to ya’ or it may not!!!  This is my thinking on the subject but keep in mind—I am really not normal so you may just have to overlook the explanation.  I figure that if it’s a picture that involves me in some way—be it a good or more likely candidate “BAD” way!!! You will be able to say that this was the last known picture of her that I am aware of and that should make you feel pretty dad-gum good about taking a few mints out out of your very hectic schedule to pose with the now dead and gone WenDee!!!  Now…on the other hand~~if I am not in the picture and I can tell ya’ I am usually not because I  am the one taking the majority of the pictures I would hope that my family would like to be able to say that this is the last picture that she took of him or her before she passed on to the eternal garden of flowers.  Now you either get the aforementioned explaining or you don’t and who really cares but it really has nothing to do with my CRAZEEEE men.   So…over the holiday I asked for Rob and Matthew to take a few seconds—not even minutes but mere seconds out of their stress filled days to strike a pose. 
new years eve 2010 019
SERIOUSLY~~this is what I GET???? They just think that they are soooo funny!!!!
food and deer 049
They think that they are the cutest things since the invention of sliced bread~~well…don’t tell them this but to me they are the 2 cutest men that I know of!!!!!  SO~~seriously if this is what I get then I am thrilled!!!!