Monday, January 3, 2011

SERIOUSLY~~this is what I GET??

If your reading this blog entry…you know that I am a feeeek about pictures~~~always have been and always will be!!!  Sorry…but that’s just the way it is with me!!! Give me any lip about it and I will tell ya’ the same thing every single time~~~I COULD DIE TOMORROW!!! Now that may make sense to ya’ or it may not!!!  This is my thinking on the subject but keep in mind—I am really not normal so you may just have to overlook the explanation.  I figure that if it’s a picture that involves me in some way—be it a good or more likely candidate “BAD” way!!! You will be able to say that this was the last known picture of her that I am aware of and that should make you feel pretty dad-gum good about taking a few mints out out of your very hectic schedule to pose with the now dead and gone WenDee!!!  Now…on the other hand~~if I am not in the picture and I can tell ya’ I am usually not because I  am the one taking the majority of the pictures I would hope that my family would like to be able to say that this is the last picture that she took of him or her before she passed on to the eternal garden of flowers.  Now you either get the aforementioned explaining or you don’t and who really cares but it really has nothing to do with my CRAZEEEE men.   So…over the holiday I asked for Rob and Matthew to take a few seconds—not even minutes but mere seconds out of their stress filled days to strike a pose. 
new years eve 2010 019
SERIOUSLY~~this is what I GET???? They just think that they are soooo funny!!!!
food and deer 049
They think that they are the cutest things since the invention of sliced bread~~well…don’t tell them this but to me they are the 2 cutest men that I know of!!!!!  SO~~seriously if this is what I get then I am thrilled!!!!

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