Monday, January 31, 2011

“OUR” baby turned 1!!!

I just can’t believe it has been a year!!! “OUR” baby has been with is for a year now!!! To GRANDmas and GRANDpas and AUNTIES and UNCLES and COUSINS it seems like only yesterday!!! However~~to mom and dad I am sure it seems like a many a long night ago!!!  Needless to say…this little guy has been such a blessing to our family.

misc iphone pics 067 

From his momma brining him to us~~~to many times of joy!!!

misc iphone pics 129

Showing a brother, son, grandson and uncle growing into a father has been such a blessing!!

misc iphone pics 195

Giving each of us a smile on our faces when we really were having a terrible day~~just look at that face and tell me that you could feel anything but happiness??

misc iphone pics 239

All this baby stuff is sloooooleeee coming back to each and every one of us~~remember~~it has been 15 years since our baby Zo was born.

misc iphone pics 383

Just look at the little messy buuuger---you just wanna’ eat him up!!

misc iphone pics 414

There it is~~~the JOHN BIGGS scowl!!! He comes but that naturally folks!!!

misc iphone pics 487

Loves technology… I mean who doesn’t in this family??

misc iphone pics 517

Baby love to puppy love!!!

misc iphone pics 447

Craziness doesn’t outgrow this family~~never has and never will!!!

jack bday 040

To showing off his balancing act by walking to mama Maggie~~thanks Jack for coming into our lives and making us an even better family!!!!

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