Friday, January 28, 2011

Woke up to this~~

baby jack and snow 018


baby jack and snow 022

A heavy wet snow!!! Thing of beauty but HECK for the power lines and cable!!!! eeeekkk~~don’t want to think about that situation!!!

baby jack and snow 019

OOOP~there she is in all of her glory!!! Waiting for her sweet feed!!

baby jack and snow 025


baby jack and snow 021

See the white behind those tree limbs?? Ok..that is the lake and it is frozen~~does that tell what kinda’ winter we have had? We rarely have a frozen lake these days!!! However~~this has been a winter that has brought back old memories of being a student and missing 6 weeks of school in one snow fall!!!!  However—this winter has not brought quite that much but still~~its been coooold and snooooooeeeee!!!!!!

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