Saturday, June 26, 2010

FEW more--

Since I already done did it!!!! Here are a few more pics!!!!

Look at the little boys~~~they are so cute!!! Let me tell ya"~~
they work just like the men do!!!!!

P.S. I know that I used improper English~~I posted that
for my mom!!!LOL!!! Thanks mom for my good English
skills and extensive vocab.

Amish work~~~quick!!!!

Well--I really can't tell ya much about the Amish and their beliefs.  I can tell ya that they sure work QUICK~~~FAST~~~SPEEDEEEE~~~ well you get the picture!!!

Now--I understand that it is really not the right thing to do when your taking a pic of the Amish~~~so I didn't show their faces or zoom in toooo much!!!! Ya think that is OK??
Probably not~~but since when did I ever do the right thing!!!???
Well~~now people--
I didn't hurt anyone!!!

Oh sorry~~this picture has nothing to do with the Amish and their quick work!!!
I just had to include it!! So you would kinda~~
forget about the pictures of the Amish and not think
BAD of me!!!! You can't look at that beautiful baby
and finish reading this blog MAD at me!!!!! Can ya???

Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smileeee Jack

originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee.
Jack was playing with his Wineee Pooh teether when I snapped this pic. He is always so happy and smileee when the camera is snapping pics. They learn fast~~~

Monday, June 21, 2010


I woke up this morning around 9 or so and was amazed to see the roof rafters almost finished!!! Then a few hours later I walked out with baby Jack and wah-lah~~
the windows and roof were in place.  Now--remember--this is one day after I took the pics of the tub being installed with the ol' blue tractor!!!!
Here it is folks--see for yourself!!!!

See---I told ya the truth!!! How could you ever doubt me???
I would never lie to ya!!!! Now that hurt my feelings!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Are you a tub girl or a shower girl????
Maybe~~~a little of both????
The answer---get a tub/shower combo and then your set!!!

Well.......not exactly~~~you need your father, tractor, brother-in-law and
audience to help with getting that unit in your new digs!!!!!!

Here are a few pics of the process~~~~

Friday, June 18, 2010


REUNION 2010, originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee.

Dad is getting ready for the reunion by doing his duty of cutting the ham. Which by the way~~~was fantastic!!!!! However---he has on his favorite HAWAIIAN shirt and doesn't want to ruin it with ham juice so he puts on my pink cowgirl apron!!!! Way to go dad~~~your stylin!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


building remodel 020, originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee.

Matthew worked 4 or 5 days straight on demolishing this old building. Julie and Zo really appreciate all of his hard work!!!!! They are gonna have a beautiful new home very soooooon!!!

A MAN~~~

june-08-10 building 028, originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee.

Matthew looks like a like a man...acts like a man...but he will always be my babeee!!!!