Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 babies?? WHAT??

NO~~it is not what your thinking?? Well…maybe it is!!??  3 beautiful babies have kept me from writing the last few days so now you all are totally lost as to what has been going on with the remodel.  I will post the 3 babies and the 4 legged “BIGGEST” baby that has occupied a big chunk of my time as well as the building taking place here at the homestead.   You all know that I am not good at keeping to a writing schedule anyway~~I just can’t do it!! Sorry but I will try to do better.  Hey—there ya’ go~~NEW YEARS resolution.  That would be a good one to try and stick to. 

snyder babies 041snyder babies 048

This little guy here is Ezekiel David Snyder~~he was the grandbaby that broke the dry spell.  We had not had a baby round these here parts for 12 yrs. then all of a sudden we started having babies everywhere.  WOW…that’s about all if can say!! Really!! I like to call him baby “Z” because his mom and dad called him “Z” and I have to add baby to it because I think it sounds better.  Z is actually the 3rd grandchild to bless this family.  He is sharp as a tick-tack and has a smile that will melt your heart away~~however he is BOY thru and thru!!

snyder babies 042snyder babies 026

snyder babies 047

This little jewel-eyed beauty is Elia Jo Snyder~~aka Elee and probably really may possibly be my baby.  I am not sure how that happened but I am sure that I will soon discover that my youngest sis carried my baby or something weird like that!! You know…the tabloids tell about this kinda’ stuff happening all the time?? Just keep your mind open and you might just start to believe—I know I sure do??!! NO—all kidding aside.   She was the fourth to come along and the 2nd grand-daughter to be had.  Those eyes are the most beautiful sea-blue and she has the most precious earth-shattering grin.  Then she opens her mouth and your like what the??? She is just like her auntee WenDee…hell on wheels~~that’s all I gotta’ say on the subject. 

snyder babies 028

Here they are—posing for their auntee!! As you can tell…Z was all about it.  I think he would have let me take pics for hours—NOT!!!  Mom and I both enjoyed our visit with them but it took us 2 days to rest our bones.  LOL!! Not really—they are fantastic kiddos.

sept 2011 pics 024

Now Jack Eliot Biggs is the 5th grandchild to come along and he is the 3rd boy.  The birth of this Biggs was much a celebration for my “GRAND”ma Judy~~her exact words were “now the BIGGS name will continue on”!! Woohoo—world…your blessed to have us!!!LOL!!  He is for sure all boy but let me just warn ya’ right now…if he gets mad at something that won’t do exactly what he wants it to do he is gonna’ rock the world you live in!!  Other than him screaming o-say when he can’t get the Gator to go in the direction he wants… however we wouldn’t have him any other way.  He has this way of making a person fall to the floor in a big ball of putty!! I am sure that he has plotted and schemed about how to do this because he is after all~~the son of my brother~~JOHN. 

sandee and remodle 016sandee and remodle 017

Here is the star of the show~~SanDee and she knows it.  I have been feeling a lot better so—I am getting to do what I enjoy.  SanDee is a BIG part of what I enjoy.

sandee and remodle 001sandee and remodle 003sandee and remodle 004sandee and remodle 005sandee and remodle 006

Here is the beautiful humungo porch that mom and dad are having built!! I am in total love with it and I am not even the owner of the porch but I will promise you that this hineee will be an occupant!! LOL!! So…that is the down-an-dirteee around this here life.  What’s up with your life???

Monday, September 26, 2011

4th day was a Sunday~~rest and fun!

So—you can probably guess from the very creative title that not much work got completed around the house--but we did have a great day.

misc. pics 09-25-11 003Matthew played with KaDee and “YES” she got her hair trimmed!!

misc. pics 09-25-11 006misc. pics 09-25-11 007

Last few tomatoes of the summer garden~~these will be enjoyed.

misc. pics 09-25-11 013

A little playing around with SanDee~~she loves this cool weather and so does her mommy.  So much so—her mommy went and curried the “BIG” girl.  RELAXATION was on the itinerary for the rest for our Sunday. Bye~~

3rd day walah-walah-bing-bang

There was a great deal of activity taking place on the 3rd day of reno!!! Man these guys really work fast…I will try to get a pic of them working when I can.  So~~we will see about that.

3rd day of reno 0033rd day of reno 0073rd day of reno 0083rd day of reno 0143rd day of reno 015

Putting the deck together 1..2..3!!  That’s where the walah-walah-bing-bang came into play because this was such a fast process.  Man I am tellin’ ya’ these guys don’t fool around.

3rd day of reno 0183rd day of reno 029

This is big pile of junk used to be our old deck.  You can see from the picture on the right that the mess didn’t hang around long because Matthew and dad jumped right in and hauled it off.

3rd day of reno 022

This has noting to do with the deck~~but while they were building the deck I was making this pumpkin cake!!


Day 2~~not much to tell

Yes…I am already behind on the posting of each day for your remodel.  I am sure that my few readers are chomping at the bit to get the latest and greatest updates on the matter!! NOT??

day 2 of remodel 003

Dad bringing the men pizza from Dominos~~not my fave but NO one asked me.

day 2 of remodel 007day 2 of remodel 008day 2 of remodel 009

All the tools and plunder that will be needed to put on a roof.  Or~~so I am told!!

day 2 of remodel 010day 2 of remodel 011day 2 of remodel 012day 2 of remodel 013day 2 of remodel 014day 2 of remodel 015

That is about all there is for day 2~~see I wasn’t lying to ya’.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hit me with a ton of wood~~

Today I discovered that my dad is a real person with feelings and concerns and worries.  WOW!! Holy cow!! I guess I really never ever thought that he had the same feelings that I have?? Weird—aaa?? I have always looked to my dad for his wisdom and the reality of the world.  Now…don’t start thinking that my dad is an arsss~~he is not!! I was able to have my own opinions and discuss the openly!! Which has made me into the strong woman I am today.  He has always be very supportive of me and pushed me to do more and better and bigger.  Not many fathers can say that when it comes to girls…now their sons are a totally different story.  Well—my dad thought differently~~she is a girl but she will be a damn strong one.  So—it isn't that I didn’t feel all those oooeeee—gooooeeee feelings for my father but I just dreamt  him above all of those feelings and emotions we all have in life…maybe that is a good thing?? I kinda held him on a pedestal and viewed him from below.  Looking up to him I was always trying to take in his wisdom.

Now you might find yourself a little confused about how we ended up talking about my dad when I told you I was hit with a ton of wood.  Well…the wood part is going along with a remodel taking place.  You will be seeing many~~many pictures in the next few days or maybe even weeks?? Who knows—around these here parts?? So~~now back to the title.  Yesterday when I was talking to my dad about the remodel I told him I was excited—since I live here too and I really didn’t  want snowflakes falling thru the ceiling and hitting me on the bottom during the freezing cold nights of the winter to come.  Yeah—I sleep in the buff~~ok..tooo much info for ya?? Sorry—it’s my blog and I can tell ya’ if it I wanna’!! LOL!!  So…back to the title again—I was telling him how excited I was and he said he was just as excited if not more!! I was like “WHAT”? and asked him why he was full of so much excitement???!!!??? He told me that he has wanted this porch for almost 40 yrs.  I stood there and thought for just a moment as I felt my heart swell and slowly descend to my feet?? humfff~~  Yes…yes…indeed~~he has wanted this porch for that long because I have heard him dream aloud of this porch but really never gave it much thought.  I was like—man he has had the same struggles that we all have had and I just have not even realized it.  I don’t know if I have just plain-flat-out ignored it or he was good at hiding it.  YES---he is getting that porch 40 years later because he has raised his 4 children with our mom at home on 1 single salary.  He has had those hard, difficult, agonizing, scary days of financial worry that many have had and I have just now realized it happened--so maybe instead of me just walking by my dad and waiting for him to ask me how I am doing I should ask him first.  I think that I have realized that he needs compassion as well and might just want to talk about his mother and her passing or his first truck or first anything.  I think that I will give this human feeling dad a try?? I think I kinda’ like him that way!! I will let ya’ all know how it goes!!LOL!! I can tell ya’ that I do have a GREAT big smile on my face because today we discussed again his struggle to keep a house this large and 4 children happy!! YES—we were happy!!

addition pics sept 2011 003addition pics sept 2011 005

addition pics sept 2011 008addition pics sept 2011 009

addition pics sept 2011 010

Jackster posing for the camera! He is adorable!!

addition pics sept 2011 007addition pics sept 2011 013

Papa is uncovering the gutters with the wire guards~~dangerous!!  Don’t try this at home!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goin’ on around these here parts??

I have once again fallen behind on posting entries to the blog.  I know…I know~~shame on me!!! So to make it up to ya’~~here are a few pics or not so few.

baby madelyn and matthew 004

Matthew got to visit with baby Madelyn~~sorry…NO shirt?? What can I do with him?? He is a man of few shirts!!

baby madelyn 008

baby madelyn 011

baby madelyn 012

I kinda’ think he likes her~~maybe just a little.  I say this is totally great as long as it is not in any way his.

bonfire pics jacks 2nd 002bonfire pics jacks 2nd 021bonfire pics jacks 2nd 004bonfire pics jacks 2nd 006bonfire pics jacks 2nd 024bonfire pics jacks 2nd 025bonfire pics jacks 2nd 028bonfire pics jacks 2nd 037bonfire pics jacks 2nd 033bonfire pics jacks 2nd 038bonfire pics jacks 2nd 045bonfire pics jacks 2nd 047bonfire pics jacks 2nd 050bonfire pics jacks 2nd 053bonfire pics jacks 2nd 055bonfire pics jacks 2nd 060bonfire pics jacks 2nd 062bonfire pics jacks 2nd 092bonfire pics jacks 2nd 067bonfire pics jacks 2nd 066

bonfire pics jacks 2nd 065bonfire pics jacks 2nd 072bonfire pics jacks 2nd 089bonfire pics jacks 2nd 100

Bon-fire fun…think that this was the 2nd for the Jackster!?

bonfire pics jacks 2nd 013bonfire pics jacks 2nd 015bonfire pics jacks 2nd 016bonfire pics jacks 2nd 017

Baby Madelyn joined us for our outdoor fun~~isn’t she beautiful!!  Sorry that I have not written for a few days but things have been kinda’ wild round here~~all these babies keep us a’hoppin!!!