Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tree Extravaganza

Well here at the Biggs/Riffe household we have been having a good ol’ fashion tree trimming.  Well…is there such a thing?? I don’t know but here are some pictures for you all to look at and I will tell you that these trees have been here since I moved here when I was 7 which would be 1977. They were all in danger of falling on my grand-fathers home or our home. I can tell you that when the trees hit the ground you could feel the ground move here in the basement of the house.  OOOOOOooo!!

tree fun march 2013 001tree fun march 2013 002tree fun march 2013 003


This is Matthew in the blue shirt and Dad in the bibs and dad’s friend Charlie that is attached to a tree. LOL~~ Charlie has been cutting trees for years and still loves the job. 

tree fun march 2013 020tree fun march 2013 021tree fun march 2013 022

Here are some of the trees.  Sorry that it is dark but that is how it goes with this dreary weather.

tree fun march 2013 011tree fun march 2013 012tree fun march 2013 013tree fun march 2013 014tree fun march 2013 015

This is amazing to me!! I mean just fantastic~~

tree fun march 2013 018tree fun march 2013 019

Did have a little tractor power to AID in the process.

tree fun march 2013 006tree fun march 2013 007tree fun march 2013 008tree fun march 2013 009

Well this wouldn’t be a job around here unless there was a little break for the catch up on the gossip!!!!