Friday, July 30, 2010


corn 07-30-10 004
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Well--it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what we have been doing here at my house today!!! We have been squirreling away corn for the cold winter months to come!!! I can't believe that this is the last bit of corn of the season--fall is among us folks!!! So~~yes!!! I am a little squirrleeee right about now!!!! LOL!!!! I think I will be sacking corn in my sleep.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do You See What I See?

OK---ladies I am writing this blog as a previous tomato snob!!! Mom has blanched and froze tomatoes for years but--and I can't for the life of me understand why~~I wouldn't use them!!!! I guess I thought it was gross or well I really don't know?? So--I would spend a great deal of money on the canned ones at the grocery store.   The store bought ones~~are they cleaner?? Oh my, I don't think so.  Are they tastier than our garden variety---I must have been out of my mind because there is nothing better than my dad's homegrown tomatoes.  So--is it that they were just plain messy and gross?? I really don't see how they could be any messier than a can of tomatoes because the canned variety are plop...plop...plop and juice splatters all over you and the wall. The homegrown variety is a frozen block of tomatoes that you take from a bag and place it in the pot!!! So--ALL I can say is that I was a tomato SNOB!!!!!!

The last 2 years or so--I have changed my mean ways and have established an unlimited love affair with the wonderful glorious tomato.  So...ya see girls~~in this bag I see freshness on a crisp cold winter day because I am going to use these tomatoes in my homemade pasta sauce. I see homemade salsa touching my taste buds when there is not a sprig of grass to be seen for months to come.
Look at the little beauty~~~do you see it?? The healthy goodness from the garden in the dead of winter and I will be giving all of that to my family.  All of this because I over came my fear of the tomato and have learned to blanch and freeze all this goodness while it is at the peak of ripeness...and use it when I am ready.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Last week Jack spent the night with the other Biggs household. Mom decided to give him a little bath in the sink!!! I couldn't help but post a pic of the event!!! He is so stinkin cute~~we were all standing around watching his every move!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons learned~~I hope!!!

My son is a worker and if you know him at all, you would have to agree!!!
I love this about him and really admire his work ethic!!!
However--over work has played a toll on his truck....soooooo
Papa David, Rob, and Matthew have been busy with....wellll I will
just let you see!!!!!
Get my drift???? Lesson learned from this event~~~~issssss...
Don't use your things to do a job without figuring that into your
bid!!!! That's really all I am gonna say about the subject.
Wait, one more thing---
Rob and Papa have put a positive spin on this costly little venture.  Hands on Auto Mechanics 100.  Look at the positives~~at least that is what I am trying to do.

Richness to the MAX.....

Well---I made my honey his favorite pie!!!! Wanna guess what it is??? Nope~~got it wrong!!!! It's chocolate cream pie!!! Here it is!!!!
I made the crust homemade and the chocolate cream filling!!! Then I made the mile-high
brown sugar meringue.  I think that's what put it over the top!!!! I am tellin' ya that I
could hardly eat my piece---notice I said hardly!!!! I managed to finish the pie and lick my plate--of course--with a big Starbucks mug full of coffee.

Look at the brown crispeee peaks on this babeeeee!!!!
That is all I have to say--I am on my way to the kitchen to get me another little snickle!!!!!

Oh--a snickle is more than a teensy piece but not as walloping as a regular piece!! It makes me feel better if I think of it this way~~~it's just me!!!

The Touch..The Feel..Of Horse~~~

I am telling you that there is nothing like it~~I mean once you have done it you
will crave it!!! The touch..the feel..the smell of a muzzle.  Not just any muzzle but the muzzle of a horse. You will come back for more and more each day!!!
Just look at that nose and chin and the prickley whiskers.  The mixture of sensations~~
softness that you can only find here--yet the stiffness of course hair!!! Weird=but 
Just look at the coloring of that face!!!! The gray fades into the white and then
fades into the lighest of lighest pinks.  I have never seen coloring and markings on any
other animal that looks this perfect~~my baby~~my beautiful SanDee!!!!!!!
I am tellin' you people that its life changing and will leave a mark in your heart and
soul like NO other!!!! So if you have not ventured our way to pay a visit to my dear
girl~~to touch and feel what I have the honor of each and every day---come on over or down or up--what ever makes your skirt-fly-up and you to can have that same

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MMMMMmmmmm~~~~~oh my!!!!

Check out these little puppies!!!! I am tellin' ya that if you like donuts then your gonna fall in LOVE with these!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! A little hint~Matthew loved them so---that tells ya that they are good.  A teenage palate is a difficult one to pleeeze!!!! LOL!!!!

Look--look--just look at the crispy brown sugar~cinnamon that has locked in with the butter and sealed the outside of the muffin.  So--your taste buds are on an explosion ride of taste and texture!!!

Now--I was going to take a pic of the muffin when I took the first bit.

Sorry but this is all your gettin'~~I couldn't stop eating long enough to put down the muffin and pick up my camera!! I had my cup of coffee in one hand and the fork in the other!!!! Go ahead and try these--I will give you the link.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CHERRY crush~~~

Look at my beautiful baby KaDee girl!! She has on her new cherry collar and I have the BIGGEST crush on her and with the collar!!!! The best thing is the cherry charm~~its beautiful!!!!

There is a better look at the charm~~

There is my cherry girl takin' a nap~~sleeping princess!!!


See we are happy!!! It has been a long 17 years for all 3 of us~~but we would not have it any-other-way!!!! I have gone thru 7 surgeries and holding for another one!! Isn't insurance great!!!! Rob has been thru 8 different job and then x-ray tech school~~which by the way he graduated with honors!!! Now he works for one of the top employers in the state of Ohio-SOMC.  Since being there he has added to his degree and is working in the cardiac unit.  Way to go babe~~I am very proud of you!!! Matthew well--he is still a work in progress!!! I will give an update on him in about 20 years or so!!!LOL!!! I will tell ya though~~we are very proud of him. Not that you really cared but this has been a glimpse into our life since we had our son and for Heaven-Sakes-To-Bettseee~~I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prayer or Grease?

I couldn't resist posting this picture from Matthew's b*day party. OK~take a minute and look at Rob.  Now, I ask you???? Is he praying?  Remember--Matthew is 17 and has one more year before he becomes legally an adult...or maybe...just maybe he has survived 21 years of marriage and is seeking counsel from above to make it thru just one more?? Nah--I am perfect so that couldn't be a possibility.  He assures me that he was wiping the evidence of pizza from his stash!!! I am on the fence with this one.  
Love ya babe~~ 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

17~~already?? Are you kiddin' me???

I am up at 1:09 am because I am unable to sleep!! Why??? I am not really sure~could it be...I can't believe that 17 years ago I was holding a little baby boy in my arms and asking myself what I have I done?? A crying~~I WANT MY MOMMEEEEEE! Or could it be that I am dreaming of the rest of my life and how I am gonna fill it??? a class..running around with my honey..or none of these?? NO--I really am not thinking of the latter~~I wish so many things had been different and that I could go back and start over but know what I know now!!! How many people have I heard say that??? Well--anyway**here are the pics form the birthday celebration!!!!
Grandma Judy and Matthew pose before the party starts.  Can't believe that he is 17 and she is 82.  I can't imagine my life without them!!!

I know that the pic showing the top of the cake is yellow looking~~sorry~~can't be perfect all the time.  Just 99.9% of the time!!!LOL!! I thought that the pic of alllll the cookie dough would make up for it!!! I asked for xtra and they sure gave it to me!!!!!Zo enjoys her BBQ chicken pizza~~I actually liked it tooo!!! Thanks Zo for introducing me to your favorite pizza. Yummmmeeeee!!!!
This is a little mom and daughter time before we dig into the pizza!! I can't believe that Zo will be 15 years old!!! I am sure that I know someone else that can't believe it either!! Are we really that old--Julie??? I think that there ages must be wrong!!! HEHE!!!

Papa Fred also came up to enjoy the pizza, cake and fun!! I can really see how much mom and papa look alike in this picture!!! You are BEAUTIFUL mom.

Jack you have soooo much love~~as it should be!!!

Typical 17 year old fun--Matthew is pretending to kiss his best friend Jeff. He was doing this to make
 fun of me because I am a shutterbug!!!

I think that Travis and Jeff are also enjoying a little party fun!!! If not the company--the PIZZA!!!

KaDee also wants some of that extra cheese pizza--suddenly she is Matthew's best doggie pal!!!

I think that baby Jack was our youngest party goer!!! He looks to me like he is having more fun than any of us!!!!

Awww--our typical picture!!! It always seems to be the same year after year!!! Some things never change!!!
Had to sneeeeek and get this one of John~~~he avoids that camera at allllll cost!!!LOL!!!
Welp--there is that darn baby again!!! He is such a stinker--I am not sure how this keeps happening?????
Jack gets in on the eating when Cousin Zo feeds him a little sweet potato and bananas--doesn't sound as good as Papa John's Pizza--hang in there Jack your times a commin'.

Well--Matthew...thanks for a fantastic 17 years!! I am really up this late because I am thinking about our future together!!! I really wouldn't change a thing up to this point!!!! So bring it on BIG BOY--I look forward to standing beside you and saying that I am your mom~~REALLY!!!!!!!! You make me so PROUD!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

flowers..FLOWers..FLOWERs~~beautiful FLOWERS!!!!

Well--this is the deal folks!!!! I was in the kitchen Sunday morning--who am I kidding--Sunday afternoon!!! Those who know me know I am never out of the bed Sunday morning!!!! OOOOps~~~~I just told on myself!!! Ok--back to the flower subject!!!
Dad came in and told me to get my camera because we were going flower hunting!!!!! So--I am going to keep my mouth shut and just let the beauty AWE you!!!! Trust me~ these flowers are gonna' make your skirt fly up!!!! So here they are folks!!! O..O..O..
thanks dad for the surprise because I really needed it for my picture taking soul!!!
Queen Anne's Lace~~~
This one is my favorite because of the beautiful blue sky!!! Sorry--I will shut up now!!

I know--I know-- this is my 2nd favorite because of the old fence post!!!

Black-eyed Susan~~~~

Wild Trumpet Vine~~~hummingbird lover!!!