Monday, July 26, 2010

The Touch..The Feel..Of Horse~~~

I am telling you that there is nothing like it~~I mean once you have done it you
will crave it!!! The touch..the feel..the smell of a muzzle.  Not just any muzzle but the muzzle of a horse. You will come back for more and more each day!!!
Just look at that nose and chin and the prickley whiskers.  The mixture of sensations~~
softness that you can only find here--yet the stiffness of course hair!!! Weird=but 
Just look at the coloring of that face!!!! The gray fades into the white and then
fades into the lighest of lighest pinks.  I have never seen coloring and markings on any
other animal that looks this perfect~~my baby~~my beautiful SanDee!!!!!!!
I am tellin' you people that its life changing and will leave a mark in your heart and
soul like NO other!!!! So if you have not ventured our way to pay a visit to my dear
girl~~to touch and feel what I have the honor of each and every day---come on over or down or up--what ever makes your skirt-fly-up and you to can have that same

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