Friday, October 29, 2010

Man Cave??

I am writing this post about a chair...YES a chair!!! The story son wanted a recliner for his room because he said it was a necessity for XBox Live marathons.  He walked into Big Sandy and instantly spotted this chair!!! Now prepare yourself for this one!!! He had his pick~~but we walked out with CAMO!!! Do you believe that??
Now don't get me wrong--this is a very nice chair-but the camo!!??? I worked hard on his room and I really would have liked a nice solid chocolate brown color.
As you can see here Rob came in to help Matthew put together his new recliner so that his man-cave would be complete!!!
Yea...that's boxes of ammo on that nice chocolate brown  shelf.  I wanted to put some vintage nick*knacks but--well you can see that this didn't happen.
The chair is now put together and ready for use and I can guarantee that the seat will be warm this evening during XBox war!!!!
Matthew is proud of his purchase~~he is checking it out and likes the look of the camo!!! It matches the hat he has on, his new winter coat, new rain coat---need I go on??? I hope you enjoy this my dear and that your man-cave is complete.  I really don't think anything else will fit in that room???

Real Life Fozzy Movie

Ok--here we go!!! I have never put a movie clip on here but I am gonna try it.  If it works you will see a little clip of Fozzy playing ball with mama Maggie!!! Fozzy is multi-talented~~did you all know that?? I know that my brother John does!!!
Ok folks~~I really don't know how to work this new flip video thingamabobeee!! So part of the video is sideways.  So if you find it necessary please lay on your side while watching Fozzy play ball.  I just had to post this because Jack is tooooo stinkin' cute.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

REAL life~~FOZZY bear!!!

When John was a baby he was given a Fozzy Bear. He kept that Fozzy and wouldn't let any harm come to him. He still has that Fozzy but better than that ol' Fozzy is his real life Fozzy "Jack" bear. I love it~~he is just tooo dang cute!!!! So our trick-or-treat was centered around this life size FOZZY!!!!! He is better than any candy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I did get the family picture that I was working on a few days ago!! Matthew was all fund and games but being the good boy he is let Aunt Julie get one picture!!! Love ya bub!!!!

A FROG. A FROG on my back??

Now this is little Elia~~she had to sport her frog...where else?? On her back because "BIG" brother did it!! So she posed for me and I took her picture just like I did with Zeke. ENJOY!!!!
Now--to the important pic!! Check out those beautiful BLUE eyes--I'm sorry here boys and girls but I just have to ask??!! Julie...are you sure you didn't give birth oh maybe a little over a year ago??? I would have thought as your sis you would have told me this!!! I am just making an observation.

Monkey on my BACK~~~~

Mom and I went to see the beautiful Ezekiel and Elia~~and of course the parents of these 2 babies!!!! It was a great trip!!! I loved getting out of the house--as you know that is a treat in-and-of-itself for me these days!!!! I also got to go to Kohl's but--that is not at all about this post!!! So here they are!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

did it...did it...

The pie is not the star in this picture!! No--it's the pie crust!! I have been working on mastering mom's pie crust recipe for several weeks!! FINALLY!! I got it this weekend!!! Wooohooo!!!
So---I made six of these little puppies!!!! Oh~~~and 3 apple pies!!!
Yeah!!! I had a pie marathon this weekend. I think that the boys enjoyed it!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gifting Jack???

You know--we really want to make Jack as happy as possible?? Right?? Welllll~~he loves Copper and Copper loves him!!! Soooo...we could gift this puppy to Jack. What do ya think Matthew???

I will have to get back to ya on the answer??? It may be a few days or months or might even be a year peps so don't hold your breath!!!

Copper's new digs~~~

I promised you folks a picture of the completed version of the new dog home!!! If you look really close--in the opening in the back you will see the little baby now--oh I mean devil!!! COPPER!!!!

If you read an earlier post you will know why I am calling him the devil!!!

Born to the wrong SISTER????

When I look at Elia...then I look at Julie...I am just a little confused and that's saying the least!!! Let me explain myself~~Elia has Julie's tiny features and long spindly fingers and toes. They both have beautiful blue eyes complemented with light eyelashes and brows. That hair--oh man that hair is like looking at a pic of Julie at that age!!! Look at them both in this picture--if I were this is just a guess here folks..but I would say they are asking the very same question?? Are you sure your not my momma???
Now the personality~~this is a story for another day!! I can only take so much freakeeeness!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Elia~~

Look at that sweet little face!!! No--not Matthew but the baby~~baby Elia!!! Now--that stinkin' little face on Matthew is still sweet to his momma but we are gonna talk about Elia this post!!! I know Matthew--it's a shocker but I will talk about you next!! Well**Elia got to come down and spend some time with the Riffe/Biggs/Collier clan!!! I know Elia--you'll never be the same but--well...welcome to the family!!!I made it so I think you will toooooo!!!  As you can see Matthew and Elia are dressed in their warm clothes because we had a bon-fire to welcome them home!!! The typical fall weather held true to form--cool and crisp.  What surprised me with this pic was not the clothing but the way she made up with Matthew!!! It just made my heart melt!!! She was so tiny and dainty and she was in love with big ol' Matthew!!!

He wanted to introduce her to LuCee--his BIG ol' gal!!!

However~~she was not interested in was Matthew she wanted to try and figure out!
Now this pic seals the deal for me!!! She wanted to give Matthew a kiss!!
So...Jack what's the deal dude?? He's not so bad~just ask Elia!!!
(for those of you that don't know...Jack cries just about every time Matthew picks him up)

Look at the SMILE~~sweet little Elia!!!
We LOVE you--

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's All Fun and Games~~when it comes to pictures anyway!!

It has been over 11 years since we had our family pictures professionally taken.  So I got up the nerve to ask Matthew to pose for a few quick pics and this is what I get??????
Sheesh~~teenage boys!!!!
As I always say...I could die tomorrow and you will appreciate this picture!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee
Hey~~that is me and who guessed it-- little baby Jack!!! I thought I would share our play in the leaves with ya' all!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cinamon Raisin Bread

Well~~this is the first bread recipe that I have had success with and probably will not ever find another!!!! It smelled so good while baking and tasted even better.  Here is a pic of the bread~~just trust me on this one!! It looks a little funnnneeeeee but its good!!! I will post the recipe site so that if any of you girls out there wanna try your had at it you can jump on it.  Sorry guys but I just didn't figure that I would include you since your working around the farm this week and next.  I want my chicks and eggs!!!
Trust me---it tasted better than it looks.  I am thinking that I may not have rolled it tight enough?? Go figure??!!??
Hope ya enjoy!!!

Love ya all!!!!


bread and fall day 019
Originally uploaded by WenDee KaDee
Look at this little stinker~~I just love him so much!!! We got this outfit from cousin Cindy and had to spend the afternoon in the leaves.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mansion for Copper~~

Our new family member had to have a new home!!! So..Rob being Rob jumped on the project and found the biggest baddest dog home he could possibly find. He then made a materials list for Matthew and Dad to go pick up during the fall break!! Yeah--1 day fall break!!!wooohooo!!! Oh well....they got it done!!!!
So I am going to post a few pics of the little adventure!!! This was really NO little adventure but it was a great adventure for father and son!!!!
Here is the boss~~he has everything under control!! He's Cath Lab~~that is an inside joke!!!LOL!!! Love ya honeeeee!!!!

Papa has to give his advice~~very important advice at that!!!!

Here is the proud new dog owner himself!!!! I am thinking he learned something from his dad and papa!!!

This is about half-way thru the little project~~remember I am just saying LITTLE!!
I will post more pics as I get them!!! The dog mansion is completed but I just have not had the heart to go see the little baby--then walk away and hear him cry!!!

Well---there is the little baby now~~I mean devil!!! Yeah...yeah...if I refer to it as a devil I won't love it!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another what??????

If your reading this blog chances are you know me or someone in my family!!! Sooooo~~you know that we are BIG dog lovers and we each have at the very least one and probably!!! Now that I am thinking about it.....I am reminded that the 4 legged humans out number the 2 legged variety!!!!
Well--the reason for this post is my 17 year old son brings home another one of these 4 legged things!!!!! I can't stand it~~it is so stinkin' cute but I just can't get attached to this one or I will never be able to handle the crying and howling and all that jazz.
I am going to post a few pic of the little baby now!!!
This little fellar is Copper~~look at those eyes!!! Tooooo cute!!! Oh..wait...I can't do this attachment thing!!!!! Someone please help me with this!!!

See...see...see there that darn little thing touched me~~I am hooked!!! Please just don't let that little thing cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wild and Wonderful!!!

Check out Zoey's 15th bday cake!!! if you know Zo you will agree that this cake fits her!!!!

Sharpening his trade~~

I am so proud of the man that my son has grown to be. Just within the last year or so you have decided to become a welder and a darn good one at that!!!!