Friday, August 28, 2009

The GOOD back~~~my honey!!!

Here is the back behind our pumpkin harvest~~this is my honey~~Rob!!! He is sooooo good to me and the family. He is there to do whatever we need~~especially using his strong and healthy back!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!! Lord knows that our family needs all of that-that we can get!!!!

I just can't believe all the different shapes, colors and textures that lay in this truck bed~~~nature is a beautiful thing!!! Oh--yes!!!!

Look at that blue pumpkin in the center~~~these are the cream of the crop when it comes to pumpkins!! I have been told that Martha Stewart uses these puppies for her own personal fall decorating ~~man I am movin' up in the world!!!!

If these pumpkins were not picked while I was snapping the pics~~~I would think that they were fake--they are just tooooo pumpkintastic!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preserves?? Jam??~~who cares???

Some call it preserves and some call it jam~~who gives a darn!!! All I know is that this sweet fruity goodness is heaven on the tongue---put some of the strawberry on a warm buttery piece of toast or pour the peach over a bowl of vanilla ice-cream---oh heck---just spoon feed yourself right from the jar. You'll get up and do a little jig~~~because your taste buds are experiencing an explosion of happy hour. So---not only has mom given us decadence for the tongue but she has passed on a gift from her heart. I now know how to make this homemade treat for my family----as presents---future generations---my friends(about now I figure your hopin' that I consider ya' a friend)LOL!!!! This is simply--one of those gifts from mom that money just can't buy---and you can taste moms love in every bite!! Smuckers--you ain't got nothin' on my mom!!!!!!

For A Farmers Thoughts~~i will give ya a seed!!

After harvesting the pumpkins***I took this picture of my dad. I found myself wondering what was going thru his mind~~~would it be~~all this hard work and these are the beautiful results or a little more on the negative side~~this is all I get?? Or is it that he may be a little depressed that the season is over--and he finds himself asking--what next?? Maybe-just maybe he is thinking with his stomach and trying to imagine what those pumpkins are going to taste like in a pie~~now your talkin' dad. Well--it could be $$ glaring in the eyes--because he could offer them to the public for a small sum--to help decorate for Autumn??!! Naaahhhh!!!
Hmmmm...I have a feeling that these are ALL thoughts going thru this farmers head...and knowing him...many more~~that we will hear about~~in the days to come!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Garden Monsters~~the last hoorah!!!

Remember the little feller that I introduced you to this Summer ~~well~~take a good look at her now!!! Yep--that's the little baby that we followed all summer.

If you look really hard in the pictures below you can get a glimpse of a butter-nut squash that was also blessed to be planted in our garden~~~these will be deeeeelish in a warm, rich, buttery soup on a crisp fall evening!!!! YUMEEEE!!!!!

Here are two more beautiful products of the "garden monsters"--the striking blue pumpkin in the bottom pic and the unique pie pumpkin that is in the top pic. You can also see the dark black kernels of the popcorn that dad grew along with these "AMAZING" fall foods.
Yipee---my favorite time of year is making its appearance!!! Summer is giving us a yawn ~~~and Falls beautiful bounty is upon us!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is Sandy and her funny side~~
really!!! She is telling me-----
Your not getting on me!!!
Well~~here she is!!! My beauty and the sun!!!!!! She is a beautiful 12 year old Belgian Draft--and she is my baby!!!!

Update on BEES~~~~~~

These bees are hangin out on their front porch waiting for their home to cool down from a long hot summmer day!!!! How "BEE"utiful!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

nothing~~yes!!!absolutely nothing~~~yet "EVERYTHING"

Wax??~~NO~~Chemicals??~~NO~~Strangers hands~~NO~~me being a GERM "freak" this is a biggie!! Love??~~YES~~oh man--YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY...nothing you get from your produce that is purchased from the local grocery store and bring home for your loved ones to eat`` have permission to be around this beautiful food!!!!

TIME~~dedication~~wisdom~~knowledge of tending the EARTH~~ALL things that can not be bought with money!!!!!! Most importantly are the things that my son has gained from gardening with my father. That is something that can never~~ever be bought and will live on for generations to don't get me wrong~~~my son has been a work in progress```since he was 9 years old he has been gaining this wealth of knowledge----and this my friend~~~has taken an abundance of TIME~~~free--but seems to be the missing mystery ingredient in most of our lives---ask a teenager how much TIME they have spent with a family member lately----probably not much!!!! TOOOOO much TIME and effort has to go into these young minds~~~and family members just don't want to give the TIME!!!! So when I am eating a juicy, fleshy pink, mortgage lifter tomato---I stop to think----Dad has given me and others something that money can never compete with----TIME!!!!!!! I have NO doubt in my mind that my 16 year old son could take a barren piece of ground and create a garden that would feed his family---can money buy this??NO~~~thanks DAD!!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garden Monster Update~~~~

This is an update on the on the monsters that I introduced you to before!!! I am still amazed by the growth of these beautiful plants!!! This tiny little plant has continued to produce pumpkins in an abundance~~and the plant was really no bigger than one small pumpkin that it produces!! As you can see they are over taking the driveway and the garden neighbors to the left and right of them~~~yeah!!!these are real garden monsters it tell ya!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have a RUMBLEE in my TUMBLEE~~~~

What your looking at is our new stand of bees~~~yes that is what they are called!!! I learned this after my dad gave me the "BEES" 101 crasher course. I am quite proud of myself~~actually because I can give you lots of little tid bits of info about these little stinging creatures~~~and well~~I don't know about you~~~but that always makes me feel pretty smart!!!

OK-OK- back to the rumbling in my tumblee~~I stand watching these bees like Winnie the Pooh with his honey pot~~with great anticipation of what they are going to fill "MY"honey pot with and how soon!!! I almost can not stand the anticipation of what is going on inside that brood and a half of bees==see~see~I used the terminology again!!! Man do I feel smart today!!!LOL!!!

I was afraid of these bees~~at first but have since grown very confident in their presence!!! I am able to walk up to the stand and observe for as long as my legs and back will allow---and these bees just keep on workin' long as I remember that I am only a visitor--and I should not touch!!!

I will keep you all updated on the progress of my "Honey Pot"~~who knows you might get lucky and I will give you a jar for Christmas!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gentle "GIANT"

As I sit out in the warmth of the evening air~~in my comfy chair~~you remember the one that I was in when I met my smallest friend~~as I close my eyes and smell the scent~~I recall the feeling so well~~ I run my hand over the beautiful muscled hip and down the chiseled leg and back up as I feel my way toward the face--which by the way feels like nothing else~~then I get the equipment I am going to use for the day and apply it where necessary~~and I throw my leg over wide and squeeze tight!!! I begin the ride and my tension starts to melt away***as my body matches the rhythm of the massive animal I am riding! I smell the erotic scent of the sweat that is so familiar to me and I begin to smile~~~as I feel freer than I do at any other time in my life!!! Now~~hold on ladies~~get your minds out of the bedroom!!! I am not talking about being with a man and his teensie--I am reminiscing about something much deeper than dearies~~I am talking about the experience that a girl has while riding her horse!!!! HEHEHE!!!! There is nothing like it and if you have never experienced this ~~well~~ all I can say``is I hope you do!!!!! This is the feeling that I so long for again~~and I will be damned~~if I do not get it!!! This is one of the driving forces behind my mind and getting better!! When I get deeply depressed all I have to do is sit out in my comfy chair and wait to hear her call me with her warm knicker and my heart is set on a full recovery!!! I will be back on that horse again before the end of the year~~even it if kills me to do it!!LOL *NOW *really~~if you know me at all~you know I am dead serious. I will be posting many pics and writings about this Gentle "GIANT" in the days to come!! This girl is one of a kinda*****ENJOY***** Another perfect example of a friendship that you have to experience to understand!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Bunny~~~~~

I have always called KaDee my "LOVE BUNNY"~~but I never thought that she would actually look like a bunny!!! However--she posed for Julie so that she could get her best bunny side!! Watch out Hugh**KaDee may be on your December cover!! LOL!! In all seriousness==KaDee has helped me thru this difficult time~~I have been confined to the bed due to extreme nerve pain. Without her I would have been so lonely and even more depressed than I have been. She is able to read my body language and is very dedicated and compassionate when I am sick!!! She watches me out of the corner of her eye making sure that I am not more than a few seconds from her at all times!! So she may just be a dog to some==she is my constant!! This little love bunny is a big part of my life and family--another example of being a friend with something out of the ordinary.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My smallest FRIEND--

The hummingbird has always mystified me~~ maybe because it is so tiny and I find it hard to follow with the naked eye when they fly off and I can't stand not knowing where they go!! Hmm`` imagine that!! Or maybe because I really only get to see them at my feeder?? I am not really sure~~but this bird fairy still eludes me!! I do know that I consider this little girl to be a friend-- since I have been in the bed for the entire month of June and it looks as if the entire month of July~~I have enjoyed my little winged friend learning to trust me when I am catching a few rays in my comfy chair!! She even let Rob take a pic of her so that I could share this post with you all!! When is the last time that you had a mystery friend~~take a moment to develop a friendship that you would not think of as a traditional one!! It may surprise you in what it does for your soul.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden "MONSTERS" cont***


The "MONSTERS" of the garden~~~~ I am not sure what you consider a monster~~~but these ferocious vines would be one in my book!! Forget the horror movie~~imagine being taken over by this fast grower!!LOL!! All kidding aside~~we now have the fruits of dads labor!!! Look at how they have over taken the garden~~and as you can see the beautiful producers of the AUTUMN to come!!! I can't wait to boil a nutty spaghetti squash and spoon on moms homemade spaghetti sauce (all products of our farm~~beef~~green peppers~~garlic~~tomatoes~~onions) need I go on?? Enjoy the pics---

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Summer Life~~~~~

During the summer our family enjoy walking out our back door~~entering the garden and picking our supper for the evening!!! Can't get any fresher than that~~~and its all organic!! My dad and 16 year old son take tender care of the crops that they plant!!! It is amazing how one tiny little seed produces such an abundance. My favorite is the beautiful yellow summer squash~~ put a little butter and sea salt on them and they will melt in you mouth~~mmm~~

The pumpkins and spaghetti squash can grow feet over night and the corn is stretching up to the warmth of the sun. Oh****the beauty of the lush green garden on a warm summer night makes the soul warm thru and thru. Yes!! I can tell that your itching to see this garden!! So I will be posting many pictures!! Everyone```ENJOY!!!!