Monday, August 24, 2009

Garden Monsters~~the last hoorah!!!

Remember the little feller that I introduced you to this Summer ~~well~~take a good look at her now!!! Yep--that's the little baby that we followed all summer.

If you look really hard in the pictures below you can get a glimpse of a butter-nut squash that was also blessed to be planted in our garden~~~these will be deeeeelish in a warm, rich, buttery soup on a crisp fall evening!!!! YUMEEEE!!!!!

Here are two more beautiful products of the "garden monsters"--the striking blue pumpkin in the bottom pic and the unique pie pumpkin that is in the top pic. You can also see the dark black kernels of the popcorn that dad grew along with these "AMAZING" fall foods.
Yipee---my favorite time of year is making its appearance!!! Summer is giving us a yawn ~~~and Falls beautiful bounty is upon us!!

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