Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preserves?? Jam??~~who cares???

Some call it preserves and some call it jam~~who gives a darn!!! All I know is that this sweet fruity goodness is heaven on the tongue---put some of the strawberry on a warm buttery piece of toast or pour the peach over a bowl of vanilla ice-cream---oh heck---just spoon feed yourself right from the jar. You'll get up and do a little jig~~~because your taste buds are experiencing an explosion of happy hour. So---not only has mom given us decadence for the tongue but she has passed on a gift from her heart. I now know how to make this homemade treat for my family----as presents---future generations---my friends(about now I figure your hopin' that I consider ya' a friend)LOL!!!! This is simply--one of those gifts from mom that money just can't buy---and you can taste moms love in every bite!! Smuckers--you ain't got nothin' on my mom!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! That jam is enough to make you do the Jelly Roll! it is DELISH, no matter what you call it :)