Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For A Farmers Thoughts~~i will give ya a seed!!

After harvesting the pumpkins***I took this picture of my dad. I found myself wondering what was going thru his mind~~~would it be~~all this hard work and these are the beautiful results or a little more on the negative side~~this is all I get?? Or is it that he may be a little depressed that the season is over--and he finds himself asking--what next?? Maybe-just maybe he is thinking with his stomach and trying to imagine what those pumpkins are going to taste like in a pie~~now your talkin' dad. Well--it could be $$ glaring in the eyes--because he could offer them to the public for a small sum--to help decorate for Autumn??!! Naaahhhh!!!
Hmmmm...I have a feeling that these are ALL thoughts going thru this farmers head...and knowing him...many more~~that we will hear about~~in the days to come!!!!!!!

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