Sunday, August 9, 2009

nothing~~yes!!!absolutely nothing~~~yet "EVERYTHING"

Wax??~~NO~~Chemicals??~~NO~~Strangers hands~~NO~~me being a GERM "freak" this is a biggie!! Love??~~YES~~oh man--YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY...nothing you get from your produce that is purchased from the local grocery store and bring home for your loved ones to eat`` have permission to be around this beautiful food!!!!

TIME~~dedication~~wisdom~~knowledge of tending the EARTH~~ALL things that can not be bought with money!!!!!! Most importantly are the things that my son has gained from gardening with my father. That is something that can never~~ever be bought and will live on for generations to don't get me wrong~~~my son has been a work in progress```since he was 9 years old he has been gaining this wealth of knowledge----and this my friend~~~has taken an abundance of TIME~~~free--but seems to be the missing mystery ingredient in most of our lives---ask a teenager how much TIME they have spent with a family member lately----probably not much!!!! TOOOOO much TIME and effort has to go into these young minds~~~and family members just don't want to give the TIME!!!! So when I am eating a juicy, fleshy pink, mortgage lifter tomato---I stop to think----Dad has given me and others something that money can never compete with----TIME!!!!!!! I have NO doubt in my mind that my 16 year old son could take a barren piece of ground and create a garden that would feed his family---can money buy this??NO~~~thanks DAD!!!!!!

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