Friday, August 28, 2009

The GOOD back~~~my honey!!!

Here is the back behind our pumpkin harvest~~this is my honey~~Rob!!! He is sooooo good to me and the family. He is there to do whatever we need~~especially using his strong and healthy back!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!! Lord knows that our family needs all of that-that we can get!!!!

I just can't believe all the different shapes, colors and textures that lay in this truck bed~~~nature is a beautiful thing!!! Oh--yes!!!!

Look at that blue pumpkin in the center~~~these are the cream of the crop when it comes to pumpkins!! I have been told that Martha Stewart uses these puppies for her own personal fall decorating ~~man I am movin' up in the world!!!!

If these pumpkins were not picked while I was snapping the pics~~~I would think that they were fake--they are just tooooo pumpkintastic!!!!!!!

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