Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My AX MEN~~~

well****here they are!!!
the famous AX MEN
for those of you that don't have any idea
what i am talking about--watch the discovery
channel and you will understand!!! really
it will change your life for ever!!!!LOL!!!

yeah--i know your proud of yourself~~

this AX MAN is the youngest~~however~~don't
let those good looks and youth fool ya~~he's GOOD!!!!!

reeeeeeeeeel good~~~

This is the equipment~~~

look at that bad boy!!!!

this is the man--the master mind behind the plan

wellllll--they need a little guidance!!!
NOT really~~

all of the hard work is done--
now SanDee can pick and eat till her heart is content!!!!!
thanks AX MEN!!!!!!!

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