Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book to table~~

thanksgiving 2011 011thanksgiving 2011 012

OK…the title is from the leaves on the plates~~you see the ones with the names on them!!! I got this idea from a blog that I read.  It was a cheap idea so I went with it!! Sorry the pictures are a little blurry and dark but this is just how it is. 

thanksgiving 2011 032thanksgiving 2011 033thanksgiving 2011 036thanksgiving 2011 038

Here we are swarming like we have never ever eaten before let alone a Thanksgiving feast!!! sorry if the pictures show our mess~~I don’t really care anymore.  I have at-least taken the time to make this blog so I don’t think that years from now someone will say look at the dirty floor or stove or whatever!!??!!  Well~~I may just take that back because if they are related to the Biggs clan they probably will complain about it!! The Biggs clan are “GREAT” complainers!!

thanksgiving 2011 022

LuCee is waiting with baited breath for Jack to drop a rolls or a crumb or an entire piece of pumpkin pie.  LuCee is “NO” dumb bunny…she know Jack drops the most food of all the family.  Purteee darn smart if you ask me!!

thanksgiving 2011 031

Here is Aunt Julie playing good baby aunt for just a few brief mints. then it is over and done with and moving on to the food!!!


Rob and I take a moment to pose for the camera.  Well…I will tell you that I had to beg for the picture because he doesn’t like to stop and have his picture made?? I just cant for the life of me figure out why?? He is a pretty darn handsome fellar’ if I do say so myself.

thanksgiving 2011 034thanksgiving 2011 036

Here come the rolls in my large-iron-skillet that rob got me last year about this time?? I love it and the darn think is pretty heavy—I feel as if I have had a workout after lifting it so I can eat more sweet potato casserole!!!

thanksgiving 2011 037

Here is my dear friend Corinne~~sorry for all of the misspellings of her name.  It is Corinne!! We were so happy to get to see her and catch up on all the over the lake gossip!!!

thanksgiving 2011 021

Not the best in the world pic but I wanted to make sure that I had John and Barb in the picture!! After-all~~they are the 2 lovely humans that gave us our babies!!! 

thanksgiving 2011 027thanksgiving 2011 042

Here is baby David and this is 1 of the 2 pictures I got of Matthew.  He was off hunting so he arrived at the food table late and I wasn’t able to get a picture.  Guess what I was doing??? NO~~I was feeding the baby.  So book to table comes from the leaves but also this book that I have been creating so that it will one day be showing someone  what was going on in our family and how crazeeee Aunteee WenDee really is!!!LOL!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Precious Life

Little baby David was a “BIG” surprise for our family and I am sure an even bigger one to his mom and dad!!! However~~this baby is a dream boat!!! He is precious and will sleep thru a roaring locomotive…unlike his older bro.  So we are kinda’ fond of him but I just cant seem to have time or the opportunity to take pics of him like I did Jack!!!!  I did have my phone with me today and snapped a few shots but nothing like what I could have gotten had I grabbed my Olympus!!

babid david 11-29-11 001babid david 11-29-11 017babid david 11-29-11 048babid david 11-29-11 052

These pictures may not be as good as they should or even could have been but I did get some.  I think that when it is the 2nd child that is all that matters.  What do you all think about this matter???


misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 085misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 090

Look at that beautiful baby.  He wouldn’t go in his house until papa David did some exterminating.  Oh yeah~~he got in on the act as well.  I think that he has arachnophobia like his auntee WenDee because he was not about to go in the house and look out the window to get his picture taken until the deed was done.  Believe you me he will do anything for me to aim the lens his way!!! lol!!!

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 057

Here he is telling papa all about it and looking for something to kill those darn spiders with.

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 062misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 065misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 067

He found a little blue shovel that he thought could be used as a weapon.  He was right because papa entered the house and killed them all!!! You can tell that I am a “BIG” helper!!

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 078misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 079

I had to practice my kill-shovel swing just in case I was left alone to kill the beasts.

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 032

After all the hard work I decided to sit down and take it easy for a spell.

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 091misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 092misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 093misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 094misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 095misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 096

A few more pics of the shovel-weapon for spider killing!!

misc pics and dad with jack on 112011 089

Now I feel safe enough to go in and close the shutters for a peek thru the opening so that auntee WenDee could take a few pics.  I know how much she loves to take my picture.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Food…Family and Babies

thanksgiving 2011 027thanksgiving 2011 028thanksgiving 2011 029thanksgiving 2011 042thanksgiving 2011 043

Weather it be my 4-legged baby or my bros new baby or my own 18 year old baby noting makes me happier!!! I LOVE my family…especially the babies!!!! I mean look at how cute they!!!!

2011’s November…so weird!!

fun pics of nov 023

Here is a picture of the sky in front of the house.  There is a beautiful blue sky behind those clouds.

fun pics of nov 024

This is a picture taken in the very same minute but it is behind my house.  So weirdo!! In this picture it is dark, gray, gloomy, doomy and rainy.  Oh—it is not cold either!!!! Weirdo???

fun pics of nov 019

Awwwww—little baby David Biggs makes it just a little bit better!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PLASTIC~~~I think not!!!

Baby David 014 by WenDee KaDee
Baby David 014, a photo by WenDee KaDee on Flickr.

This is another activity taking place here @ the Biggs/Riffe household. The winds were just perfect for the "Jackster" to fly a kite or two with his dad!!!! I can tell ya' one thing for sure...SanDee sure doesn't like the sound of the plastic kite whipping in the wind!!! If thry hadn't stopped to go eat--she was gonna come thru the fence!!! So a tip for next kite flying day...don't do cheap!!! Fabric is much more pleasant on the ear!! Lol!!! Or so~~ that's what SanDee told me!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love Bunny to KILLER~~

OK…I had to get your attention with the title~~I think that my ratings are dropping from 2 readers to 1!!! So—here is how the weekend went down!!!LOL!!! Well some of it~~I still have some pictures I need to edit and add to the weekend line-up!!!

kadee jack and matthew with deer 002_edited-1kadee jack and matthew with deer 004

This is the 1st time that Matthew has gotten a chance to hold baby David~~so this is where the love bunny part comes in!!

kadee jack and matthew with deer 007kadee jack and matthew with deer 010_edited-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is where the KILLER part plays a crucial role in being part of the title~~hey it got your attention didn’t it??  However…we will eat this meat so I am on board for killing it!!!  This is also another 1st~~this is his very first buck.  Puurteee darn nice looking one!! Not toooo big or old…so the meat should be great.  I also had better think that this buck is puurtee darn nice because I am gonna be looking at it for a loooong time.  He is having the head mounted~~GREAT!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pizza~Baked Spaghetti a Fox & Poetry??

Odd combo??? Yeah…it is sorta’ an odd title but let me give ya’ the low down and you will soon come to an understanding.  With the passing of my “GRAND”mother came a poem. YES…sir-ee-bob my brother used words to honor her and her love of poetry. He was able to capture the her time-line of events brilliantly.  I will post the poem just below the blog entry but I still have to tell you the scoop on the title.  I was honored to have lunch with a dear friend/neighbor on Monday.  We decided that if we girls were gonna’ have a day to ourselves we were most certainly not gonna’ cook.  The next best thing to home-cookin’ is the local Giovanni's!! I am sure you have a childhood favorite and this greeezeee pizza dive is the place.  I ordered a small pizza loaded just the way I like~~allll veggies and Corrine ordered baked spaghetti with a roll not garlic bread (just thought I would give you all the details).  See how this is all coming together?? I am not so crazy after-all!!! Well—that isn’t exactly true but oh well I can put it into words and one day it may come true.  Ok~~back to the fox and poetry thing. Corrine is also a lover of poetry and after hounding my brother for o’ a good month (you think I am kidding~~let me assure you I am NOT) for a copy of the poem.  I almost peeeeeed my pants when the email lady~~you know the one inside the computer…told me that I had mail from my brother.  I quickly copied and pasted it to my computer because I was afraid the lady would suck the email back into the black box because she likes to torture me like that.  Does your email man/lady play games with you?? After reading the poem over and over to myself I felt that I was ready to share the raw emotion I was feeling with Corrine which was a friend to “GRAND”ma as well.  So—we decided to make a poem/girl date for lunch ASAP~~which ended up being a pretty long time because of me and my crazee family having all these babies!! Please read the poem and think about it—then I will write another post soon explaining the meaning and see if you thought the same things that Corrine and I were thinking!! Now don’t get me wrong here—there were some items we were not sure about but we think that we might know what he was saying.  I will ask him eventually but this is not the right time.  However if you have a thought or comment about a part of the poem~~please write in the comment section below.  We might just see the poem in an entirely different light.  Oh…one more thing~~THANKS for your words John Taylor Biggs!! I know that “GRAND”ma would have been thrilled to pieces and so proud that she would have had one of those great BIG smiles that she so often wore~~and wore it well. 

Two Low Foxes

Two low foxes threaded through the tufts in the old cow-field

Here and there a bit of grayness jutting through the grasses

A quick glimpse of ear and snout

Needling through the fescue in the day’s last flicker

When they were young their paws treaded lightly

Wary of the old woman and her soft, lingering eyes

Of the stray dog

Of the road and it’s machines

Two silhouettes shuffled past the arm chair

And past the thick scent of late coffee

Out into the twilight

One bent slightly with hands veined; paper thin

The other curled about the feet, arched it’s back

flicked it’s nervous tail

The old woman leaned and lingered at a near century of passing

Has known the plow and mule and saw their passing

Has known the old man and tractor and saw their passing

Has known the words upon the paper and saw their passing

One into the other as the evenings gathered

As the children grew

As the children’s children grew

One into the other and on

And the two low foxes moved through the old cow-field

Here and there a bit of grayness flickered

Shining in the evening’s last light

They no longer slink at the corner of the gully

But eye the familiar old woman

As they sidle past the barn toward the dim of the hollow

And the setting of the day

A near century of passing