Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Precious Life

Little baby David was a “BIG” surprise for our family and I am sure an even bigger one to his mom and dad!!! However~~this baby is a dream boat!!! He is precious and will sleep thru a roaring locomotive…unlike his older bro.  So we are kinda’ fond of him but I just cant seem to have time or the opportunity to take pics of him like I did Jack!!!!  I did have my phone with me today and snapped a few shots but nothing like what I could have gotten had I grabbed my Olympus!!

babid david 11-29-11 001babid david 11-29-11 017babid david 11-29-11 048babid david 11-29-11 052

These pictures may not be as good as they should or even could have been but I did get some.  I think that when it is the 2nd child that is all that matters.  What do you all think about this matter???

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