Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book to table~~

thanksgiving 2011 011thanksgiving 2011 012

OK…the title is from the leaves on the plates~~you see the ones with the names on them!!! I got this idea from a blog that I read.  It was a cheap idea so I went with it!! Sorry the pictures are a little blurry and dark but this is just how it is. 

thanksgiving 2011 032thanksgiving 2011 033thanksgiving 2011 036thanksgiving 2011 038

Here we are swarming like we have never ever eaten before let alone a Thanksgiving feast!!! sorry if the pictures show our mess~~I don’t really care anymore.  I have at-least taken the time to make this blog so I don’t think that years from now someone will say look at the dirty floor or stove or whatever!!??!!  Well~~I may just take that back because if they are related to the Biggs clan they probably will complain about it!! The Biggs clan are “GREAT” complainers!!

thanksgiving 2011 022

LuCee is waiting with baited breath for Jack to drop a rolls or a crumb or an entire piece of pumpkin pie.  LuCee is “NO” dumb bunny…she know Jack drops the most food of all the family.  Purteee darn smart if you ask me!!

thanksgiving 2011 031

Here is Aunt Julie playing good baby aunt for just a few brief mints. then it is over and done with and moving on to the food!!!


Rob and I take a moment to pose for the camera.  Well…I will tell you that I had to beg for the picture because he doesn’t like to stop and have his picture made?? I just cant for the life of me figure out why?? He is a pretty darn handsome fellar’ if I do say so myself.

thanksgiving 2011 034thanksgiving 2011 036

Here come the rolls in my large-iron-skillet that rob got me last year about this time?? I love it and the darn think is pretty heavy—I feel as if I have had a workout after lifting it so I can eat more sweet potato casserole!!!

thanksgiving 2011 037

Here is my dear friend Corinne~~sorry for all of the misspellings of her name.  It is Corinne!! We were so happy to get to see her and catch up on all the over the lake gossip!!!

thanksgiving 2011 021

Not the best in the world pic but I wanted to make sure that I had John and Barb in the picture!! After-all~~they are the 2 lovely humans that gave us our babies!!! 

thanksgiving 2011 027thanksgiving 2011 042

Here is baby David and this is 1 of the 2 pictures I got of Matthew.  He was off hunting so he arrived at the food table late and I wasn’t able to get a picture.  Guess what I was doing??? NO~~I was feeding the baby.  So book to table comes from the leaves but also this book that I have been creating so that it will one day be showing someone  what was going on in our family and how crazeeee Aunteee WenDee really is!!!LOL!!!

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  1. Love your pictures, Wendy, especially the ones of you and Rob and you and Matthew.