Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Bunny~~~~~

I have always called KaDee my "LOVE BUNNY"~~but I never thought that she would actually look like a bunny!!! However--she posed for Julie so that she could get her best bunny side!! Watch out Hugh**KaDee may be on your December cover!! LOL!! In all seriousness==KaDee has helped me thru this difficult time~~I have been confined to the bed due to extreme nerve pain. Without her I would have been so lonely and even more depressed than I have been. She is able to read my body language and is very dedicated and compassionate when I am sick!!! She watches me out of the corner of her eye making sure that I am not more than a few seconds from her at all times!! So she may just be a dog to some==she is my constant!! This little love bunny is a big part of my life and family--another example of being a friend with something out of the ordinary.

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