Sunday, July 19, 2009

My smallest FRIEND--

The hummingbird has always mystified me~~ maybe because it is so tiny and I find it hard to follow with the naked eye when they fly off and I can't stand not knowing where they go!! Hmm`` imagine that!! Or maybe because I really only get to see them at my feeder?? I am not really sure~~but this bird fairy still eludes me!! I do know that I consider this little girl to be a friend-- since I have been in the bed for the entire month of June and it looks as if the entire month of July~~I have enjoyed my little winged friend learning to trust me when I am catching a few rays in my comfy chair!! She even let Rob take a pic of her so that I could share this post with you all!! When is the last time that you had a mystery friend~~take a moment to develop a friendship that you would not think of as a traditional one!! It may surprise you in what it does for your soul.

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