Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gentle "GIANT"

As I sit out in the warmth of the evening air~~in my comfy chair~~you remember the one that I was in when I met my smallest friend~~as I close my eyes and smell the scent~~I recall the feeling so well~~ I run my hand over the beautiful muscled hip and down the chiseled leg and back up as I feel my way toward the face--which by the way feels like nothing else~~then I get the equipment I am going to use for the day and apply it where necessary~~and I throw my leg over wide and squeeze tight!!! I begin the ride and my tension starts to melt away***as my body matches the rhythm of the massive animal I am riding! I smell the erotic scent of the sweat that is so familiar to me and I begin to smile~~~as I feel freer than I do at any other time in my life!!! Now~~hold on ladies~~get your minds out of the bedroom!!! I am not talking about being with a man and his teensie--I am reminiscing about something much deeper than dearies~~I am talking about the experience that a girl has while riding her horse!!!! HEHEHE!!!! There is nothing like it and if you have never experienced this ~~well~~ all I can say``is I hope you do!!!!! This is the feeling that I so long for again~~and I will be damned~~if I do not get it!!! This is one of the driving forces behind my mind and getting better!! When I get deeply depressed all I have to do is sit out in my comfy chair and wait to hear her call me with her warm knicker and my heart is set on a full recovery!!! I will be back on that horse again before the end of the year~~even it if kills me to do it!!LOL *NOW *really~~if you know me at all~you know I am dead serious. I will be posting many pics and writings about this Gentle "GIANT" in the days to come!! This girl is one of a kinda*****ENJOY***** Another perfect example of a friendship that you have to experience to understand!!!!!!

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  1. You need to post some pics of the Gorgeous Sandy!!!!