Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mansion for Copper~~

Our new family member had to have a new home!!! So..Rob being Rob jumped on the project and found the biggest baddest dog home he could possibly find. He then made a materials list for Matthew and Dad to go pick up during the fall break!! Yeah--1 day fall break!!!wooohooo!!! Oh well....they got it done!!!!
So I am going to post a few pics of the little adventure!!! This was really NO little adventure but it was a great adventure for father and son!!!!
Here is the boss~~he has everything under control!! He's Cath Lab~~that is an inside joke!!!LOL!!! Love ya honeeeee!!!!

Papa has to give his advice~~very important advice at that!!!!

Here is the proud new dog owner himself!!!! I am thinking he learned something from his dad and papa!!!

This is about half-way thru the little project~~remember I am just saying LITTLE!!
I will post more pics as I get them!!! The dog mansion is completed but I just have not had the heart to go see the little baby--then walk away and hear him cry!!!

Well---there is the little baby now~~I mean devil!!! Yeah...yeah...if I refer to it as a devil I won't love it!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

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