Friday, October 29, 2010

Man Cave??

I am writing this post about a chair...YES a chair!!! The story son wanted a recliner for his room because he said it was a necessity for XBox Live marathons.  He walked into Big Sandy and instantly spotted this chair!!! Now prepare yourself for this one!!! He had his pick~~but we walked out with CAMO!!! Do you believe that??
Now don't get me wrong--this is a very nice chair-but the camo!!??? I worked hard on his room and I really would have liked a nice solid chocolate brown color.
As you can see here Rob came in to help Matthew put together his new recliner so that his man-cave would be complete!!!
Yea...that's boxes of ammo on that nice chocolate brown  shelf.  I wanted to put some vintage nick*knacks but--well you can see that this didn't happen.
The chair is now put together and ready for use and I can guarantee that the seat will be warm this evening during XBox war!!!!
Matthew is proud of his purchase~~he is checking it out and likes the look of the camo!!! It matches the hat he has on, his new winter coat, new rain coat---need I go on??? I hope you enjoy this my dear and that your man-cave is complete.  I really don't think anything else will fit in that room???

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