Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another what??????

If your reading this blog chances are you know me or someone in my family!!! Sooooo~~you know that we are BIG dog lovers and we each have at the very least one and probably!!! Now that I am thinking about it.....I am reminded that the 4 legged humans out number the 2 legged variety!!!!
Well--the reason for this post is my 17 year old son brings home another one of these 4 legged things!!!!! I can't stand it~~it is so stinkin' cute but I just can't get attached to this one or I will never be able to handle the crying and howling and all that jazz.
I am going to post a few pic of the little baby now!!!
This little fellar is Copper~~look at those eyes!!! Tooooo cute!!! Oh..wait...I can't do this attachment thing!!!!! Someone please help me with this!!!

See...see...see there that darn little thing touched me~~I am hooked!!! Please just don't let that little thing cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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