Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Elia~~

Look at that sweet little face!!! No--not Matthew but the baby~~baby Elia!!! Now--that stinkin' little face on Matthew is still sweet to his momma but we are gonna talk about Elia this post!!! I know Matthew--it's a shocker but I will talk about you next!! Well**Elia got to come down and spend some time with the Riffe/Biggs/Collier clan!!! I know Elia--you'll never be the same but--well...welcome to the family!!!I made it so I think you will toooooo!!!  As you can see Matthew and Elia are dressed in their warm clothes because we had a bon-fire to welcome them home!!! The typical fall weather held true to form--cool and crisp.  What surprised me with this pic was not the clothing but the way she made up with Matthew!!! It just made my heart melt!!! She was so tiny and dainty and she was in love with big ol' Matthew!!!

He wanted to introduce her to LuCee--his BIG ol' gal!!!

However~~she was not interested in was Matthew she wanted to try and figure out!
Now this pic seals the deal for me!!! She wanted to give Matthew a kiss!!
So...Jack what's the deal dude?? He's not so bad~just ask Elia!!!
(for those of you that don't know...Jack cries just about every time Matthew picks him up)

Look at the SMILE~~sweet little Elia!!!
We LOVE you--

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