Monday, July 12, 2010

flowers..FLOWers..FLOWERs~~beautiful FLOWERS!!!!

Well--this is the deal folks!!!! I was in the kitchen Sunday morning--who am I kidding--Sunday afternoon!!! Those who know me know I am never out of the bed Sunday morning!!!! OOOOps~~~~I just told on myself!!! Ok--back to the flower subject!!!
Dad came in and told me to get my camera because we were going flower hunting!!!!! So--I am going to keep my mouth shut and just let the beauty AWE you!!!! Trust me~ these flowers are gonna' make your skirt fly up!!!! So here they are folks!!! O..O..O..
thanks dad for the surprise because I really needed it for my picture taking soul!!!
Queen Anne's Lace~~~
This one is my favorite because of the beautiful blue sky!!! Sorry--I will shut up now!!

I know--I know-- this is my 2nd favorite because of the old fence post!!!

Black-eyed Susan~~~~

Wild Trumpet Vine~~~hummingbird lover!!!

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