Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MMMMMmmmmm~~~~~oh my!!!!

Check out these little puppies!!!! I am tellin' ya that if you like donuts then your gonna fall in LOVE with these!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! A little hint~Matthew loved them so---that tells ya that they are good.  A teenage palate is a difficult one to pleeeze!!!! LOL!!!!

Look--look--just look at the crispy brown sugar~cinnamon that has locked in with the butter and sealed the outside of the muffin.  So--your taste buds are on an explosion ride of taste and texture!!!

Now--I was going to take a pic of the muffin when I took the first bit.

Sorry but this is all your gettin'~~I couldn't stop eating long enough to put down the muffin and pick up my camera!! I had my cup of coffee in one hand and the fork in the other!!!! Go ahead and try these--I will give you the link.

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