Thursday, July 8, 2010

CoHearts cont.....

See that cute little black and white building??? Well~~that is the
ice-cream shop that Zo went and devoured a banana-split w/o the bananas.  Yeah--that's what I said but that is a story for another day and time!!!! Oh yeah--dad was also able to scarf down an ice-cream cone but the rest of us were soooo stuffed that we just eat up the sights!!!!
Like this walk to the bench area...
This area you can sit and eat your ice-cream and look at the river and the boats.
Few more....
Beautiful sitting area for a pic-nic or sipping on a milkshake!!!!
Here is dad with.....guess what~~that ice-cream cone!!! Walking off the fantastic
food that we just ate at CoHearts so the dessert will stay down.
Papa finished paying the ticket and took in a few of the sights and sounds of this
little river town in Ripley Ohio!!!!

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