Saturday, July 3, 2010



When I heard the name of this restaurant I thought of Carhart bibs. Now ya see how I got the title!!!????
 I just
couldn't fathom that this place could have food--let alone GOOD food!!! 
Guess what?? The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was so
unique to our area!!! The river view and the small home-town feeling made
this little town and the surrounding area feel like a comfy old quilt!!
Yeah~~I know...I should have taken the picture from the left side so the sun would have been behind me.
However~~this is the sign and the screened in porch where you can eat
and enjoy the sites and sounds of river fun.
Here she is nestled back in behind this big beautiful ol' cotton wood tree!!!
Hey~~did ya notice I used the noun she??? Well--this restaurant will forever
be imprinted in my brain as a "she"because the cutest little girl waited on us.
Mind ya~~she was the one and only waitress and the place was hoppin'.  I
don't see how she did it!!!! did this happen?? A picture of a baby..a baby picture!!! Oh~~I remember now...
baby Jack visited our house before we went to eat!!! Isn't he the cutest little feller you
ever did see???? OK...OK....back on track.

Here are a few pics of what it looked like on the inside of this spunky little river town house.
As you can see I am not in the pictures because who would be on the other side of the
flash???? So~~I made Zo and Julie get up and take a few pics with me!!!
Julie and I had even bigger smiles on our faces when we got out ticket because
papa Fred bought ALL of our meals!!!!! Thanks~~papa!!!!

Now do ya' remember that big cotton wood tree that I mentioned earlier in the post??
Here he is again~~

Well---I am gonna go ahead and post these pics and work on the rest of the post!!!! Man~~there is a great deal of work in this BLOG keepin' thing!!!! So more to come!!

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