Tuesday, July 13, 2010

17~~already?? Are you kiddin' me???

I am up at 1:09 am because I am unable to sleep!! Why??? I am not really sure~could it be...I can't believe that 17 years ago I was holding a little baby boy in my arms and asking myself what I have I done?? A crying~~I WANT MY MOMMEEEEEE! Or could it be that I am dreaming of the rest of my life and how I am gonna fill it??? vacations..cruises..reading..blogging..starting a business..cooking..photography class..running around with my honey..or none of these?? NO--I really am not thinking of the latter~~I wish so many things had been different and that I could go back and start over but know what I know now!!! How many people have I heard say that??? Well--anyway**here are the pics form the birthday celebration!!!!
Grandma Judy and Matthew pose before the party starts.  Can't believe that he is 17 and she is 82.  I can't imagine my life without them!!!

I know that the pic showing the top of the cake is yellow looking~~sorry~~can't be perfect all the time.  Just 99.9% of the time!!!LOL!! I thought that the pic of alllll the cookie dough would make up for it!!! I asked for xtra and they sure gave it to me!!!!!Zo enjoys her BBQ chicken pizza~~I actually liked it tooo!!! Thanks Zo for introducing me to your favorite pizza. Yummmmeeeee!!!!
This is a little mom and daughter time before we dig into the pizza!! I can't believe that Zo will be 15 years old!!! I am sure that I know someone else that can't believe it either!! Are we really that old--Julie??? I think that there ages must be wrong!!! HEHE!!!

Papa Fred also came up to enjoy the pizza, cake and fun!! I can really see how much mom and papa look alike in this picture!!! You are BEAUTIFUL mom.

Jack you have soooo much love~~as it should be!!!

Typical 17 year old fun--Matthew is pretending to kiss his best friend Jeff. He was doing this to make
 fun of me because I am a shutterbug!!!

I think that Travis and Jeff are also enjoying a little party fun!!! If not the company--the PIZZA!!!

KaDee also wants some of that extra cheese pizza--suddenly she is Matthew's best doggie pal!!!

I think that baby Jack was our youngest party goer!!! He looks to me like he is having more fun than any of us!!!!

Awww--our typical picture!!! It always seems to be the same year after year!!! Some things never change!!!
Had to sneeeeek and get this one of John~~~he avoids that camera at allllll cost!!!LOL!!!
Welp--there is that darn baby again!!! He is such a stinker--I am not sure how this keeps happening?????
Jack gets in on the eating when Cousin Zo feeds him a little sweet potato and bananas--doesn't sound as good as Papa John's Pizza--hang in there Jack your times a commin'.

Well--Matthew...thanks for a fantastic 17 years!! I am really up this late because I am thinking about our future together!!! I really wouldn't change a thing up to this point!!!! So bring it on BIG BOY--I look forward to standing beside you and saying that I am your mom~~REALLY!!!!!!!! You make me so PROUD!!

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