Monday, July 26, 2010

Richness to the MAX.....

Well---I made my honey his favorite pie!!!! Wanna guess what it is??? Nope~~got it wrong!!!! It's chocolate cream pie!!! Here it is!!!!
I made the crust homemade and the chocolate cream filling!!! Then I made the mile-high
brown sugar meringue.  I think that's what put it over the top!!!! I am tellin' ya that I
could hardly eat my piece---notice I said hardly!!!! I managed to finish the pie and lick my plate--of course--with a big Starbucks mug full of coffee.

Look at the brown crispeee peaks on this babeeeee!!!!
That is all I have to say--I am on my way to the kitchen to get me another little snickle!!!!!

Oh--a snickle is more than a teensy piece but not as walloping as a regular piece!! It makes me feel better if I think of it this way~~~it's just me!!!

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