Monday, July 19, 2010


See we are happy!!! It has been a long 17 years for all 3 of us~~but we would not have it any-other-way!!!! I have gone thru 7 surgeries and holding for another one!! Isn't insurance great!!!! Rob has been thru 8 different job and then x-ray tech school~~which by the way he graduated with honors!!! Now he works for one of the top employers in the state of Ohio-SOMC.  Since being there he has added to his degree and is working in the cardiac unit.  Way to go babe~~I am very proud of you!!! Matthew well--he is still a work in progress!!! I will give an update on him in about 20 years or so!!!LOL!!! I will tell ya though~~we are very proud of him. Not that you really cared but this has been a glimpse into our life since we had our son and for Heaven-Sakes-To-Bettseee~~I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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