Thursday, September 8, 2011

HAPPENINGS on the 2nd Thursday in September~~

Today~~has in general--been just like any other ordinary Thursday that our family would have…now remember we are really not ordinary!! I will give you the general run down with these pictures.

misc pics of sept 2011 007

This mum is the prettiest mum that I have ever had!  Usually only half of the buds actually bloom.  This one is full on fall blooms~~love it!!

misc pics of sept 2011 008

misc pics of sept 2011 009

This is the new style~~paint your toes 2 or 3 different colors and the 80’s are back babee.  These bright colors and jumpsuits are in and that is something I never thought I would be able to wear again.  However…what goes around comes around!! LOL!! I will have to say~~some of the wiser educators I worked with would say that it all comes full circle.  I kinda’ understand what they were saying now that I am wiser-young indeed!! hehehe

misc pics of sept 2011 014

misc pics of sept 2011 011

KaDee and I pose for our fall picture beside the purtee mum!! Remember this is my season and I will pose for pictures because I am just happier and I love to be outside. 

misc pics of sept 2011 018

Even got Matthew to take a pic with his LuCee girl~~almost a smile…just a hint of one came across his face.

misc pics of sept 2011 025_edited-1

Made another better than sex cake but had to make a compromise with this one!!!  Matthew loves the Heath candy buuuut Rob doesn’t like Heath.  He thought Reese-cup on one would be a better cake.  Humf~~well I had to think on this one??? I wanted to make one cake but I wanted to keep the boys happy??? Suuuh…oooo I tweaked the cake recipe to make a little larger cake and just split the toppings straight down the center and whaaluu-whaaluu-bing-bang this is the compromise cake solution.  I think it was a pretty good solution—I can tell ya’ fur-sur it is great because I ate the first piece smack dab outta’ the center so I had half of one and half of another~~huh?? what?? OK—I am done!!!

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