Friday, September 23, 2011

Hit me with a ton of wood~~

Today I discovered that my dad is a real person with feelings and concerns and worries.  WOW!! Holy cow!! I guess I really never ever thought that he had the same feelings that I have?? Weird—aaa?? I have always looked to my dad for his wisdom and the reality of the world.  Now…don’t start thinking that my dad is an arsss~~he is not!! I was able to have my own opinions and discuss the openly!! Which has made me into the strong woman I am today.  He has always be very supportive of me and pushed me to do more and better and bigger.  Not many fathers can say that when it comes to girls…now their sons are a totally different story.  Well—my dad thought differently~~she is a girl but she will be a damn strong one.  So—it isn't that I didn’t feel all those oooeeee—gooooeeee feelings for my father but I just dreamt  him above all of those feelings and emotions we all have in life…maybe that is a good thing?? I kinda held him on a pedestal and viewed him from below.  Looking up to him I was always trying to take in his wisdom.

Now you might find yourself a little confused about how we ended up talking about my dad when I told you I was hit with a ton of wood.  Well…the wood part is going along with a remodel taking place.  You will be seeing many~~many pictures in the next few days or maybe even weeks?? Who knows—around these here parts?? So~~now back to the title.  Yesterday when I was talking to my dad about the remodel I told him I was excited—since I live here too and I really didn’t  want snowflakes falling thru the ceiling and hitting me on the bottom during the freezing cold nights of the winter to come.  Yeah—I sleep in the buff~~ok..tooo much info for ya?? Sorry—it’s my blog and I can tell ya’ if it I wanna’!! LOL!!  So…back to the title again—I was telling him how excited I was and he said he was just as excited if not more!! I was like “WHAT”? and asked him why he was full of so much excitement???!!!??? He told me that he has wanted this porch for almost 40 yrs.  I stood there and thought for just a moment as I felt my heart swell and slowly descend to my feet?? humfff~~  Yes…yes…indeed~~he has wanted this porch for that long because I have heard him dream aloud of this porch but really never gave it much thought.  I was like—man he has had the same struggles that we all have had and I just have not even realized it.  I don’t know if I have just plain-flat-out ignored it or he was good at hiding it.  YES---he is getting that porch 40 years later because he has raised his 4 children with our mom at home on 1 single salary.  He has had those hard, difficult, agonizing, scary days of financial worry that many have had and I have just now realized it happened--so maybe instead of me just walking by my dad and waiting for him to ask me how I am doing I should ask him first.  I think that I have realized that he needs compassion as well and might just want to talk about his mother and her passing or his first truck or first anything.  I think that I will give this human feeling dad a try?? I think I kinda’ like him that way!! I will let ya’ all know how it goes!!LOL!! I can tell ya’ that I do have a GREAT big smile on my face because today we discussed again his struggle to keep a house this large and 4 children happy!! YES—we were happy!!

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addition pics sept 2011 010

Jackster posing for the camera! He is adorable!!

addition pics sept 2011 007addition pics sept 2011 013

Papa is uncovering the gutters with the wire guards~~dangerous!!  Don’t try this at home!!!

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