Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 babies?? WHAT??

NO~~it is not what your thinking?? Well…maybe it is!!??  3 beautiful babies have kept me from writing the last few days so now you all are totally lost as to what has been going on with the remodel.  I will post the 3 babies and the 4 legged “BIGGEST” baby that has occupied a big chunk of my time as well as the building taking place here at the homestead.   You all know that I am not good at keeping to a writing schedule anyway~~I just can’t do it!! Sorry but I will try to do better.  Hey—there ya’ go~~NEW YEARS resolution.  That would be a good one to try and stick to. 

snyder babies 041snyder babies 048

This little guy here is Ezekiel David Snyder~~he was the grandbaby that broke the dry spell.  We had not had a baby round these here parts for 12 yrs. then all of a sudden we started having babies everywhere.  WOW…that’s about all if can say!! Really!! I like to call him baby “Z” because his mom and dad called him “Z” and I have to add baby to it because I think it sounds better.  Z is actually the 3rd grandchild to bless this family.  He is sharp as a tick-tack and has a smile that will melt your heart away~~however he is BOY thru and thru!!

snyder babies 042snyder babies 026

snyder babies 047

This little jewel-eyed beauty is Elia Jo Snyder~~aka Elee and probably really may possibly be my baby.  I am not sure how that happened but I am sure that I will soon discover that my youngest sis carried my baby or something weird like that!! You know…the tabloids tell about this kinda’ stuff happening all the time?? Just keep your mind open and you might just start to believe—I know I sure do??!! NO—all kidding aside.   She was the fourth to come along and the 2nd grand-daughter to be had.  Those eyes are the most beautiful sea-blue and she has the most precious earth-shattering grin.  Then she opens her mouth and your like what the??? She is just like her auntee WenDee…hell on wheels~~that’s all I gotta’ say on the subject. 

snyder babies 028

Here they are—posing for their auntee!! As you can tell…Z was all about it.  I think he would have let me take pics for hours—NOT!!!  Mom and I both enjoyed our visit with them but it took us 2 days to rest our bones.  LOL!! Not really—they are fantastic kiddos.

sept 2011 pics 024

Now Jack Eliot Biggs is the 5th grandchild to come along and he is the 3rd boy.  The birth of this Biggs was much a celebration for my “GRAND”ma Judy~~her exact words were “now the BIGGS name will continue on”!! Woohoo—world…your blessed to have us!!!LOL!!  He is for sure all boy but let me just warn ya’ right now…if he gets mad at something that won’t do exactly what he wants it to do he is gonna’ rock the world you live in!!  Other than him screaming o-say when he can’t get the Gator to go in the direction he wants… however we wouldn’t have him any other way.  He has this way of making a person fall to the floor in a big ball of putty!! I am sure that he has plotted and schemed about how to do this because he is after all~~the son of my brother~~JOHN. 

sandee and remodle 016sandee and remodle 017

Here is the star of the show~~SanDee and she knows it.  I have been feeling a lot better so—I am getting to do what I enjoy.  SanDee is a BIG part of what I enjoy.

sandee and remodle 001sandee and remodle 003sandee and remodle 004sandee and remodle 005sandee and remodle 006

Here is the beautiful humungo porch that mom and dad are having built!! I am in total love with it and I am not even the owner of the porch but I will promise you that this hineee will be an occupant!! LOL!! So…that is the down-an-dirteee around this here life.  What’s up with your life???

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