Monday, September 5, 2011

Ordinary Sunday~~

I have been trying to take more pics of just an ordinary day as well as things that happen in our daily lives.  It also helps me to keep my mind active and not thinking of the constant little thing I have a problem with~~”PAIN”!!!! So here goes nothing…well~~not really nothing but sumthin’!!

misc pics from 2011 001 - Copymisc pics from 2011 001misc pics from 2011 002 - Copymisc pics from 2011 002

The close of summer has really been a slap in the face~~can’t believe it has been here and gone and I don’t think I remember much about it!! I have to live more…get out NO matter what and do what I can when I can and to heck with the rest of it!! OOOO sorry—didn’t mean to freak you out or anything or depress you in any stretch of the imagination.  Back on track WenDee…focus!! These pictures are of my dad and son taking down the poles that held up the vines of our beans.  YES…did you notice I said vines and not beans?? That is because we didn’t get any beans this year—well I really shouldn’t lie to you.  I think we had 2 pots of beans and a 3rd pot that was burnt to oblivion.  So~~we really had NO beans since we normally can 350 quarts of beans each year.

misc pics from 2011 007 - Copymisc pics from 2011 006

You will notice that Norm Abrams is on the pattern sheet for the blanket chest that my honey is making me!!! If you were to ask Rob what he would like to be if he could get a chance to come back as a different person…I would have to say “NORM ABRAMS” he worships the man.  He really thinks he does NO wrong and if you were to prove he does do wrong he would tell ya’ you were mistaken!!!!!!

misc pics from 2011 003misc pics from 2011 004 - Copymisc pics from 2011 004misc pics from 2011 003 - Copy

Here is a few pics of the beautiful blanket chest in the making.  Oh~~one more thing…if Rob could come back as anyone else it would be the spouse of Janet Jackson.  That is a story for another post and an entire blog all together. LOL!! I am being serious here folks.

misc pics from 2011 005

You will notice that the carpenter loves to touch and feel and smell the wood.  Or~~at –least mine does and that is pretty much all I need to know.

misc pics from 2011 006 - Copy

In the above picture he has the blanket chest side clamped together with the “SPECIAL” wood glue and his “SPECIAL” wood clamps.  Trust me here folks~~I know every detail of these “SPECIAL” items by heart.

misc pics from 2011 010 - Copy

Awww~~look at my beautiful SanDee girl.  She is breathtaking and there is really NO other way to describe her.

misc pics from 2011 011 - Copymisc pics from 2011 011misc pics from 2011 012 - Copymisc pics from 2011 012

Here is a picture of Matthew actually cutting the strings.  These pictures were a little outta’ order~~this is real life~~so who really cares??? Not “I”!!!  The pictures below are of the old 6 wheeler that keeps hangin’ in there.  They are placing the bean poles in the back so that they can take them to the barn for storage and will be brought out again in the spring.

misc pics from 2011 013 - Copymisc pics from 2011 013misc pics from 2011 014 - Copymisc pics from 2011 014misc pics from 2011 015misc pics from 2011 016misc pics from 2011 017

Yes~~this was an ordinary Sunday…except for one thing!!! “GRAND”ma Judy wasn’t here to bring me my coupons.  I miss you beautiful lady---life is short so blog those simple ordinary moments.  You never know~~

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