Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My sister~~WHAT??NO way!!!

Well~~brace yourself before reading this!! I may even need to warn those that have been taking medication (be it pharmaceutical or bottle of the glass variety to sit down) that in fact--my sister has decided to take up the sport of archery.  Which~~has really surprised me but to my dismay is really great and I mean really “GREAT”…notice how I put that in all caps to denote the importance.  She has only been hunting 2 times and has already killed her first deer.  Sooo~~she and Zo ate the venison wrapped in bacon and thrown on the grill.  Julie informed me that it was sublime!!??!! Here is a picture of the “BIG” event~~keep in mind it was dark and taken with a cell phone…thanks for taking that into consideration. 

misc pics in sept 2011 001

Notice the “GREAT BIG” smile on her face!! She is in definitely in her element and told me that she wished she would have taken up the sport earlier in her life.  However~~she didn’t hesitate to tell me how difficult hunting really can be.  I informed her that I believed her and that I was not in the least bit interested but I would be happy to write a blog post celebrating her kill..oooH~~see I used the word kill here folks.  Sorry but I did tell you to sit down.  Well~~I did!!!  See you all later in the week~~have a great one and remember…                                        your GREATEST wealth is HEALTH!!!!!!!!!

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