Monday, September 26, 2011

3rd day walah-walah-bing-bang

There was a great deal of activity taking place on the 3rd day of reno!!! Man these guys really work fast…I will try to get a pic of them working when I can.  So~~we will see about that.

3rd day of reno 0033rd day of reno 0073rd day of reno 0083rd day of reno 0143rd day of reno 015

Putting the deck together 1..2..3!!  That’s where the walah-walah-bing-bang came into play because this was such a fast process.  Man I am tellin’ ya’ these guys don’t fool around.

3rd day of reno 0183rd day of reno 029

This is big pile of junk used to be our old deck.  You can see from the picture on the right that the mess didn’t hang around long because Matthew and dad jumped right in and hauled it off.

3rd day of reno 022

This has noting to do with the deck~~but while they were building the deck I was making this pumpkin cake!!


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